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There are Hundreds of Reliable and cheap Web hosting from Beginners To Proffesional Bloggers And one among them is BlueHost.I have Build my first site in BlueHost  and its awsome.You may also use BlueHost  for your brand new WordPress Site.The only site which is recommended By WordPress for their client is also BlueHost 

For any WordPress webhost, it’s important to meet certain technical requirement and Bluehost fits perfectly into WordPress hosting requirement. So, if you are still wondering if Bluehost is worth for WordPress or not, my suggestion: Go for it, without second thought. It can handle any good medium traffic site easily. Though, I always recommend to use any WordPress cache plugin when you are using shared and VPS hosting.

So, lets start with our tutorial for beginners and learn something new today.  Login to your Bluehost account and Click on hosting at the top, to get inside cPanel. Scroll down to Website Builders> Select WordPress from the list, and it will take you to the next page                                          install WordPress

On the next screen click on the menu named Install and rest of the customization can be done after installing wordpress 

                                       Install WordPress on Bluehost

  • Website Stucture

In this step you are about to set how your website want to appear in the world of Internet you have two option one is to keep www. and another without.

WordPress without www

I would prefer you to go without www. as it will make your Website Url short easy yo use

  • Throughout Installation

In this step you can select your WordPress username and password for your   login. Make sure you don’t select admin as username. Instead use some random username and use complex password. Also keep a check mark on Automatic create a database.

Bluehost WordPress Setup
                                    It will take about 1 Minute to the installation to complete.An e mail regarding the  Log InInformation  will be sent to your registered E Mail Address Which will allow you to get in the Dashboard of your WordPress site.On the next page you will see the install processing. don’t close the page unless the installation is complete.In the middle of the Installation you may face error saying “oops the installation directory already Exists” Click continue 

Whats next ?

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