How To Write SEO Optimized Post For Your Blog

I am not a SEO expert or a pro blogger But i know something about SEO and why it Matters.But there are also something that you should concentrate while adding your blog post.By caring this simple steps your post ranking in Google and Search engine will increase twice.Not all are to be cared but you should care which one is easy for you

Here i’m sharing what you should care when adding a simple blog post.

Concentrate On Topic

Whatever niche you blog is,you should care it when you are adding post too.If you are writing a post you should start and end with other niche.Nowadays this problem is common in Junior Bloggers.Assume that if you are writing a post about Laptop Review You should Start and End with the sub niche Laptop review and don’t make it mixed with other subjects like what you have did last monday or don’t get diverted from the sub niche you are writing the post for

Post Titles

The post title you write must be short but describe partial content in your post.Try to summarize your blog post title without losing the quality and don’t miss anything inside your post.Try to write a Title which will describe the main components of the post.You may look at the short example given below:
Examples :

most common laptops that have come to market  last year
The Best Laptop of 2015

In the above examples you know which and why is that best.The First one uses a long keyword and not more attractive but In Second case it is short and more attractive thus increasing  visitors to your blog


Keywords are terms that people search on search engine.You should focus on that while writing a blog post

 During the fourth week of the technology, there were many products that are utilized today, and the most famous experts gave a speech on them.

 At the opening of the fourth Technology Week, the experts talked about various topics, including how to choose a digital camera, had discussions about the pros and cons of the iPad, and which are the best smartphones.

In the first example we didn’t concentrate on any  phrase and other keyword,But in second one we focused  one majority of contents searched by people in Internet

So the most important and viral keywords should be used in a post inorder to get more visitors

Use Bold And Italics

When you have finished writing your post you should go thriugh the ost and make some editing there  2 among them are the Bold & Italics.When you use such features on words, that particular words get more importance than the other ones.
Example :

You should blog when you have a exciting mood 

Here in example we can see the word Exciting is bolded because among the words there Exciting has some ranking more

External Links

Some might say that you should not use any referral link as it will decrease your visitors.Actually it is a bad concept. Using Links in could make more attention among readers

At the end of post
To Know more and Buy Visit HERE

This will make easy to readers to get the destination page without googling this

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You should also try to add images which describes more about you blog post.Using example images to increase ranking among the readers.

Example ;
If you are writing a post about tutorials try to add steps by images and videos

Images : try to add a cover poster image and also other image
Videos : It is better to add a video tutorial at the end of your post which will make the users easy to do the if they have any doubt regarding the post.

New and Relevant Content

You should not only focus on writing and publishing too many post but do remember that all the post you write should new and relevant.Research on internet about what you are writing and then take points from various useful sites and make a post your own
All bloggers has a way of writing and has it’s own style do go with your style and engage more people to your blog. 
With all the above said contents are there in your post it makes the post  more attractive and get stand your blog in a good position.Always long and clean post will be the first  to get crawled on search engine so focus on  SEO

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