Make Your Blog Viral In Facebook And Twitter 10k Page Views per Day

Promoting your blog branding  is an essential step after creating your blog.The main source of attraction for the people for subscribing your blog is the quality of the post,fresh theme legal content etc.,
The logic behind using facebook and twitter for your blog is that it reaches your global readers without viewing your site thus making them easy to stay connected with you.

Here before going in to the post we assume that you have facebook and twitter account and also a Fan page on both.You must also create a free rss account at Feed Burner

Get Your Blog In Front of Facebook and Twitter                 

Before going in make a new Facebook and Twitter Page in order to create a presence of your  Blog in Facebook and Twitter

  • Attract More Readers

Make sure you write quality post(Another reason for Subscribing).And make sure that don’t copy the whole content from a web source try to edit it and add your own contents in it.

  • Post Regularly In Response To Audience Needs

If you are posting a post it will recieve many follow up comments which may contain Request or Doubts.Make sure that you Respond to all Comments and not leave a single one.Never give up a singlr member as it will be huge loss for you.

  • What To Add More

Try adding quality post Poster.Along with this you should add Images that represent your post.And also try to Upload a video which will be video tutorial and link it with your Blog Post.

  • Concentrate on Heading

Post title plays a major role in selecting your post or going with the other.Create a Title which will describe your posts partial contents in the shortest from as possible.You may lokk a t one example

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Essential Tools

Along with adding quality post you should must also make a shortcut to reach the pages of your Blog

  • Ask Your Readers To Follow You On Facebook/Twitter in Sidebar Widgets

Add a small widget that will link your blog with the respective social page which will make your blog to reach more.This methods will also make your blog to get more followers.

  • Add Social Share Buttons Along With Blog Post

Try to add small cute looking Social share widgets at the top and bottom of the blog Post(Another way of Keeping Blog Reputation.

Complete The Basics for Facebook and Twitter

Complete all your information about you and your blog in Facebook and Twitter

  • Complete Your Profile
  • Create a Profile For Your Blog
  • Incorporate Your Blog With Facebook and Twitter Through Images and Videos
  • Ask your Friends to like your Blog Page 
  • Monitor your competitors what they are doing

Make Your Blog Presence On Facebook

As the most possible method for advertising your blog online is to promote it on Facebook

Like your post on your own Facebook profile. This will make it appear in your newsfeed. Maximize its impact by adding a tailored comment.
Share your post on your blog fan page. Handcraft the related information. Also ask a question to start a conversation. (Note: If you do this, be prepared to participate in the discussion.)
Create a graphic of your post information. Images get more views on Facebook and take up more space in the newsfeed. Also, incorporate the image into your post.
Pay for views. Use Facebook’s promoted posts to support your stronger blog content and broaden readership.
Create a Facebook app to encourage blog email registrations. Take advantage of your Facebook traffic to build your blog’s email house file.

    Those are the simple steps that you should adopt to get better Blog Status.

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