50 Most Popular Bloggers From India With Alexa Rank[April 2016]

For an inspiration,Now I’m going to share with you The Best 50 Indian Bloggers List from India.Actually, I’m posting this article for inspiration for the newbie bloggers who are trying to be a pro blogger.Today here I’m sharing you the Top Indian Bloggers With their photo.

There are thousands of  Bloggers in India,among them some are Pro Bloggers and some are Passionate or Part Time Bloggers.

Amit Agarwal, the founder of Digital Inspiration(Labnol.org) is known as the God Father of blogging in India and Harsh Agarwal the Founder of ShoutMeLoud(shoutmeloud.com) is Known as a Blogging scientist.
Now lets’ check who are the Top Earning Pro bloggers from India.

The list given below have Top 50 Bloggers and their Approximate Alexa Site Rank(Global Basis)

(As Alexa rank changes everyday, the Rank given below can be Changed anytime.)

No. Website Owner Name Owner Image Alexa Rank
 1.  ScoopWhoop  Pratim Mukherjee  Pratim Mukherjee  973
 2.  Quick Sprout  Neil Patel  neil patel  1835
 3.  ShoutMeLoud  Harsh Agrawal  harsh agarwal  2102
 4.  Your Story  Shradha Sharma  shradha sharma  2397
 5.  Digital Inspiration  Amit Agrawal  amit agarwal  3086
 6.  The Windows Club  Anand Khanse  Anand Khanse  5372
 7.  Fone Arena  Varun Krishnan Varun Krishnan  5759
 8.  NexBigWhat  Ashish Sinha Ashish Sinha  5677
 9.  AllTechBuzz  Imran Uddin  imran uddin  6092
 10.  Trak.in  Arun Prabhudesai  arun prabhudesai  7127
 11.  MissMalini.com  Malini Agarwal  malini agarwal  7655
 12.  BloggerTipsTricks  Ankit Kumar Singla  ankit singla  8754
 13.  MediaNama  Nikhil Pahwa  nikhil pahwa  8621
 14.  BloggersIdeas  Jitendra Vaswani  jitendra vaswani  10515
 15.  9lessons  Srinivas Tamada  srinivas tamada  11231
 16.  Guiding Tech  Abhijeet Mukherjee  abhijeet mukherjee  11402
 17.  I Will Teach you to Be Rich  Ramit Sethi  Ramit Sethi  12120
 18.  BloggingCage  Kulwant Nagi  kulwant nagi  13477
 19.  Chandoo.org  Chandoo  Chandoo  14741
 20.  Magazine3  Ahmed kaludi  ahemed kaludi  16210
 21.  Avinash Kaushik  Avinash Kaushik  avinash kaushik  16877
 22.  Techulator  Tony John  tony john  17252
 23.  Technically Personal  Raju PP  Raju PP  17805
 24.  Online Tech Tips  Aseem Kishore  Aseem Kishore  18122
 25.  MotorBeam  Faisal A Khan  faisal khan  18515
 26.  Bloggers Passion  Anil Agarwal  Anil Agarwal  19212
 27.  Mrunal  Mrunal  mrunal  21203
 28.  Aha!NOW  Harleena Singh  harleena singh  27002
 29.  Tech Tricks World  Atish Ranjan  atish ranjan  27120
 30.  Update Land  Jyothi Chauhan  jyothi chauhan  27350
 31.  WPKube  Devesh Sharma  devesh sharma  28150
 32.  SEO Siren  Satish Kumar  satish kumar  28425
 33.  OnlyLoudest  Sanu Siddharth  sanu siddharth  28815
 34.  WideInfo  Sujoy Dhar  sujoydhar  29112
 35.  Techlomedia  Deepanker Verm  deepanker verma  29545
 36.  Viral Blog Tips  Bishal Biswas bishal biswas  35321
 37.  Binary Turf  Shivanand Sharma  shivanand sharma  38452
 38.  HellBound Bloggers  Pradeep Kumar  Pradeep Kumar blogger  39245
 39.  Filmy Keeday  Nishant Srivastava  nishant srivastava  39525
 40.  Binary Note  Rakesh Kumar  rakesh  40122
 41.  OnStartups  Dharmesh Shah  dharmesh shah  52544
 42.  SaveDelete.com  Jaspal Singh  jaspal singh  53424
 43.  BikeAdvice  Deepak Kanakaraju  deepak  55266
 44.  SEOTechyWorld  Nisha Pandey  nisha pandey  57150
 45.  Inspire2Rise  Aditya Nath Jha  aditya nath jha  61242
 46.  MyMagicFundas  Nirmala SanthaKumar  nirmala santhaKumar  62956
 47.  Get Everything  Ravi Kumar  ravi kumar  65643
 48.  Techie Buzz  Keith Dsouza  keith dsouza  68254
 49.  W3lessons  Karthikeyan  karthikeyan k  72525
 50.  Problogging Success  Jane Sheeba  Jane Sheeba  75452

Hope you guys enjoyed this List of Top 50 Bloggers From India and their Site Rank.
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