Top 10 Extraordinary OTG Cable Uses That No one Knows!

We all know what is an OTG Cable? Do you know what else you can do with it other than using it for File Transfer or connecting to a Pendrive/Card Reader? If not, Today in this article, I will show you the Top 10+ Unique Methods and OTG Cable uses. OTG Cable is designed to extend the functionality of your device. We regularly use OTG Cables to transfer files from Pendrive to Mobile and vice versa. But, What else can you do with a simple OTG cable?

As I said earlier, OTG cables are designed to extend the functionality of a device. Other than Pendrive, we can also connect and use other devices on our smartphone with an OTG Cable. OTG or “On The Go” Cables helps us to do various things in our Smartphone. You connect a Game Controller, Directly Connect Broadband connection to your phone, to have High-Speed Internet Access.

Top 10 OTG Cable Uses

Most people only use OTG cables for file transfer between pen drive and smartphone, Most of them don’t know that this OTG cables can do some great things that they had never heard before. That’s exactly why I am writing this article. I will share all the known methods and OTG Cables uses for extraordinary purposes that you never thought before. And Yes, OTG Cables can do wonders for your Smartphone, let see How?

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Today in this article, you will find Top 10+ Different and Unique OTG Cable Uses on a Smartphone.

10 Unique Ways to use OTG Cable

1. Gaming Controller

Connect Gaming Controller With OTG Cable

You can use Gaming Controller or Joystick on your Smartphone while playing Games. The only requirement is that it should be a USB type controller. Not all Games support Gaming Controller, there are certain games like Asphalt Airborne, etc which support Gaming Controller, you can use it to control your Vehicle, Aim your Weapons and Move your characters. Using a dedicated gaming controller like joystick will make your action gaming experience super smooth and get the best experience out there.

2. LAN Cable

Connect Broadband to Phone with OTG Cable

Yes, guys, you heard it right. We can connect our Broadband connection or output from your Modem directly to our phone. Suppose if you don’t have a Wifi Modem with you but only a modem you can make use of this trick.

To use LAN Cable on your Smartphone you need to buy a controller called LAN to USB, Link will be given below and start using it.

Once you connect your device to the Modem with the connector mentioned above, the Internet will be available instantly. Even if you put your phone into airplane mode, the Internet will be still available.

3. Connect A Hard Disk

When our phone memory is full or almost complete, you can backup files to a portable External Hard Disk using an OTG Cable. Just connect the Hard Disk USB Cable to the OTG Cable and start transferring files to your Hard Disk and vice versa. Some phone’s built-in File Manager might not support this feature. In such cases, you can install any third-party File Manager Apps for Android and do file management easily. The best File Manager application for Android is none other than, ES File Explorer.

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4. Charge Another Phone

Charge A Phone With Another Phone

You can Actually Charge Another smartphone with an OTG Cable. for this, all you want to to is, just connect the USB cable to a phone which you want to charge and connect it to the OTG Cable. Now the phone will be charging. This comes handy when your friend’s phone doesn’t have enough charge. Next time when yours or your friend’s phone run out of battery then you can use this method to charge the other device. Charging speed will be comparatively lower than a wall adapter, but for the time sake, you can get the job done.

5. Connect To A Camera

Yes, you can connect your smartphone to your Camera and control it. It will be very useful to every photographer who deals with tons of image and videos. It will help you to sort out important photos, Snap images and do a lot more with your Camera from your smartphone. There are tons of application that will let us do the same and you can find a lit of them in the Google Play Store.

6. Connect To Mic/Sound Card

Connect Mic to phone with OTG Cable

Usually, the Mics that we have in our Smartphone will be a low-quality one and it cannot record high-quality audios. In this situation we can use an external Mic or Soundcard using an OTG cable can start using it. It helps us to record Audios with more quality and Listen to music with extra bass.

Especially if you are a YouTuber or video content creator with less budget to buy a mic then this is the best option to go with. You can eliminate maximum noise and get the perfect sound with a little bit of editing in Audacity.

7. Keyboard

Connect Keyboard to smartphone with OTG Cable

You can actually connect a USB Wired Keyboard to your Smartphone and start typing with it. This comes really handy when you want to type Long Documents, Emails and Articles on you Mobile, It will be very difficult to type long documents using the on-screen screen keyboard of the mobile device and is again more tie consuming process. So, in this scenario, it will be better to use a keyboard to type really faster without any mistake. Bloggers and content writers, who deals with extensive amount of typing on the go can benefit from this method of using Keyboard with OTG cable.

8. USB Fan

Connect USB Fan to Phone with OTG Cable

Some of you may have already heard about a device called USB Fan. Usually, we use this USB Fan in our Laptop when we have an overheating issue. In the same way, you can also connect the same USB Fan to your Smartphone and start using it. Just plug the OTG Cable to your mobile and plug USB Fan to the OTG Cable.

If you want to buy a good quality USB Fan, then you can buy one produced Xiaomi, which is really cool.

9. USB Mouse

We can connect a regular USB mouse on our smartphone.Yes, you heard it right, If you have a USB Mouse with you then you connect it to your phone and start using it right away.After you connect the mouse to OTG Cable, a small Mouse Pointer will appear on your smartphone screen.And you can use as the way you want. I tried it on my device and it was simply awesome.

This might not make any sense to general users but people who are behind it will benefit for sure.

10. Card Reader

As you use Pendrive with OTG Cable, in the same way, you can also use regular Memory Card Reader as well. If you want to use two memory cards simultaneously on your Device then you can use a Card Reader. Just insert the memory card into the card reader and plug it into the OTG Cable, that’s it. You can Cut, Copy, Paste or Transfer files from the Memory Card.

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11. USB Light

As mentioned earlier that you can use USB Fan, in the same way, you can also use USB Lights too. If your flashlight isn’t working or you need more light than your phone’s flashlight or even if your phone doesn’t have a flashlight you can use a regular USB Light which is available for less than $4.

Final Words

These are the most unique and extraordinary OTG Cable Uses that anyone can do with a single piece of OTG Cable. OTG Cables costs you less than 3 Dollars and is worth for the money we spent. We can surprise our friends by showing this OTG Cable Uses and I’m pretty sure that they haven’t heard it before.

Hope you guys enjoyed our list of Top 10 Extra-Ordinary OTG Cable Uses and it’s functionalities. Now take your OTG Cable and experiment those and get most out of your device.

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