11 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the lifeline for any blogger who want to make money online.But getting a Google Adsense Approval is a bit tough task, There are few things that you should care in order to get an Adsense Approval.

Ask few questions yourself :

  • Do you know what Adsense is and how it works ?

  • Do your blog qualify for Adsense ?

  • Do you know the requirements for appllying for an Adsense account ?
  • Do you know why Adsense rejected your Application ?
  • Do you now the Terms and Conditions of Adsense ….. ?

What is Google Adsense and Why To Use Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is a contextual ad networks that pays you based on Pay Per Click (PPC) system

Google Adsense now have thousands and thousands of  Publishers and Advertiser’s around the Globe.Google Adsense pay on time, every time.

The main reason for selecting Google Adsense is that, You can earn huge amount of money if you use it properly.Still i know many bloggers who make their livelihood only with Adsense(One of great blogger of india Amit Agrawal too use Google Adsense on his Blog Digital Inspiration).So Google Adsense is the top best choice among all other ad networks.

The best part i found is, Their paying rates are very high and better than all other existing ad networks.This is the main reason why many bloggers and web developers still depend on Adsense as thrie primary source of income.

Google Adsense also offers accounts for Blogspot users when their blog is 6 months older

Why Adsense Will Reject Your Application :

1.Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content

Google Adsense gives lot of value for the contents  of a blog and how it is written.If the contents are poorly written and makes no sense for readers then Adsense will surely reject that application.

The content you write must has to provide  value to the users and visitors of your blog. Quality of contents you write  is another fact in this part for getting an approval.

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2. Site does not comply with Google policies  :

No rich meaningful content,no organic traffic makes no sense for readers,poor blog designs and codes and bad user experience with no clear site navigation.Your site must not get traffic from any illegal sources always be true with your content.

3.  Page Type / Design of your blog :

Blogs which are poorly designed and are hard for the visitors to understand what it is, gets rejected by Adsense.

Your blog must have good good design and are should be comfortable to eye.

4. No About us, Privacy Policy or Contact Us page  :

Some pages like About, Contact and Privacy Policy are important to get an Adsense approval.These pages must be confirmed before applying for Google Adsense.

Adding this pages will make users to know who you are and how can they get in touch with you.

11 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense :

1. About Page :

About us page is a must have page in your blog for getting Adsense approval.A blog without a About page will get no get Adsense approval at all.

About page is one that provides information about the authors of the blog which will help you to create a friendly relationship between your readers and also getting a trusted by the users and readers of your blog.

Check our About Page

2. Privacy Policy :

This is one of the must have page on your blog.If you want to get an Adsense approval then you should need a Privacy Policy page in fact.

Those pages are that gives information about your website/blog, Data collected when a visitor visits your blog, What users can do and not, How can you help them, Cookie policies etc. This page will make users aware about the content collected by the blog and how it is used.

You can create a privacy policy page yourself or generate one using any of the Privacy Policy generator tools online.

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Check our Privacy Policy page

3. Contact us Page

Making users an opportunity to talk about what they expect from your blog will increase the chance for getting an adsense  approval.

By adding a contact us page on your blog it will create a friendly relation with your blog readers.and will make them understand that you are interested for helping your readers.

It will also show Google Adsense team that you are not only blogging for making money but also for really helping visitors.

Check our Contact page

4. Name/ Email Verification:

When you apply for Google Adsense make sure that you add your real name and e mail address on any of the pages like Contact or About.

Which will make Adsense teams recognize that you are not a spammer and you really do submit the application to them.

5 . Age Verification:

This is the mistake that all young blogger do who are aged under 18.They simply give fake age and get into serious trouble after being disapproved by Adsense.

If you are a blogger aged under 18 then you can still apply for adsense with your Parents details. For more details check : Adsense For Bloggers Aged under 18

6.  Minimum Number of Posts:

Anyone does not have clear answer for this question.

Because there are bloggers who’s application got rejected even while having  200+ posts.But the funny fact is that , There are also blogger who enjoy Adsense with only having 30- 50 posts.

Well with my experience and research i would advise you to have at least 30+ quality articles with 500+ words.Also write SEO optimized posts for getting more traffic

7. Content Type:

Be careful with what content you have and is writing.

Because Google Adsense is not for blogs that write contents about Pornographics,  pirated content, illegal items, drugs or other blogs /Sites like that.

You should have blog posts with at least 500+ words.

8. Design :

Your blog designs matters while applying for google Adsense.It should look like more professional,Elegant and simple clean look.

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Your blog also must have clear navigation with proper site coding.

I would recommend Elegant themes, If you are using WordPress CMS platform as they provide complete access to their 87 themes at just $69

9. Top Level Domain:

Having your own Top Level Domain like .com/.net/org etc will increase the chance for getting Google Adsense approval.

Never dream for Adsense with a sub domain other than if you are using BlogSpot CMS platform.

While selecting a domain make sure that it is Easy to remember, Short one, Always go with .com(That’s the best domain ever)

Another important fact is about your blog’s domain age, It should be more than 6 months before applying Google Adsense

Deal : Now Get Your .COM Domain @ Just 1.51$ (Rs.89)

10. Paid Traffic :

Google Hates paid traffic and penalize them so there are no chance for getting an Adsense Approval..Google Adsense is not for site that brings traffic from any illegal way of direction.

But getting traffic from Socail Media, Other blogs Search Engine are good for getting approval.

So if you want to earn via Google Adsense, Then paid traffic is not a solution.

11. Copyright Materials :

Google do have strict conditions to Copyrighted materials being published on an Adsense approved blog.So for getting an Adsense approval, If there is copyrighted materials then you won’t get and Approval.

So do not copy contents from any other blog and write content your self and publish it on your blog.

Using images got as a result of Google Image search is strictly prohibited by Google Adsense.

My Final Words…

Following above mentioned tips will let you get an Adsense account approved:) I don’t think that above said tips are very hard to follow in fact it is very easy to follow and to do.Once you got an Adsense Approval then, rest is earning huge money.
You can find more about Adsense requirements on : Official Adsense page 
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