2 Methods To Skyrocket Your IDM Download Speed(Simple and Handy)

IDM or Internet Download Manager is the mostly used one and only best Download manager.It has many features were other don’t have.Some time you will be strucked with the ow speed problem of IDM,Which can fixed within 1 minutes.IDM is also a Download Manager capable to Download videos form Youtube directly without any middle hand.Similalry you can also download Facebook videos too.

Below given are simple optimization tricks using IDM itself and also a third party software “IDM Optimizer”.Combination of both two tricks will help you to Skyrocket your IDM download speed and makes you download files 2 times faster than now!

Method One 
In this method we are not using any third party software to do so.

1.Open IDM and go to Download > Speed Limiter > Turn Off.Doing this will not restrict any over coming speed and will download files with what speed they get that time.This will ensure that your files are downloading faster and IDM is not restricting any Speed coming

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2.Click on Downloads Menu and click Options,

In the window appeared select Connection tab.Under Connection Type/Speed click on the the third option High Speed  mobile 4G with Wi Fi.
Enabling this option will ensure that maximum available bandwidth will be utilized for downloading file thus make it faster then the other.

3.If your computer is connected to Internet then there will be many Hosts that are making use of it.Other Host files some software will also update itself, Together opening IDM will lead to lack of Speed problem and make your files download much slower.So go to Task manger,Under Network tab see which software is using Internet without any use then configure and disable it’s update and other Background data consuming.

When IDM is downloading a File, And if you open any web browser and doing some work on Web browser it can also lead way to getting slow speed, As speed should divided among Web browser and IDM

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Opening other download mangers like UTorrent, Bittorrent will also will decrease your download speed, So close all other Download manger before downloading file with IDM

Method Two
In this method we are using a help of a third party software name “IDM Optimizer”

This is a third party software in no connection with Internet Download Manager’s company.It is a software developed by an individual.

First download IDM Optimizer from the link given ; DOWNLOAD NOW

After download is complete, Extract the file with any software like WinRAR,WinZIP or something.

(Make sure that you are still running IDM, If closed re-open it back)

Now click on the IDM Optimizer icon and launch the program

Now click on the Optimize Button(While IDM is open) and this will optimize your download speed to maximum Bandwidth

That’ how we can optimize speed of IDM to maximum

Both the combination of method one and IDM optimizer it will increase your download speed give a try

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