400,000 Credit and Debit Card Details Are for Sale on Joker’s Stash

Credit card informations leaked on joker's stash

Approximately 400,000 Debit card and Credit card information up for sale on Joker’s Stash. For starters, Joker’s Stash is a Dark Web marketplace specialized in selling and buying of debit card and credit card details and specializes in trading in payment card data. It is a vast library of different card information for sale.

As per the reports about 200,000 credit and debit card records of people in the United States and another 200,000 card details of people in South Korea are leaked.

The sellers on the platform are selling card information for $5 per card or one could get the whole batch of records for about $1,985,835. The seller also claims that roughly 30-40% of the cards are valid, about 50% of them are from the United States and another half from South Korea.

leaked debit credit card details on jokers stash
Source: Group IB

The records of Debit and Credit contains details like Card Number, CVV (Card Verification Number), Account Number, Expiry date, Name of the customer, etc.

The batch first appeared on Jocker’s Stash on April 9, 2020. It was discovered by Group IB. and they have reported the same to the national CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams) and the affected banks in the US and South Korea.

As the leaked data contains the magnetic strip details, the only two possibilities are when a user swipes his/her card on a POS terminal infected with malware or using an ATM where a skimmer is in action.

One thing to be noted is that the hacker claims only a 30-40% card as working. This means that majority of the card might be expired. So, it shows that the stealing operation took place a while ago. As the magnetic stripe data is leaked, hackers could create clone cards and use the same on POS terminals, ATMs, or even use it to buy stuff online.

Some people even buy working cards by paying $5 and then sell it for a much larger amount of money.

Source: Group IB

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