500,000+ Zoom Accounts Credentials for Sale on Dark Web & Hacker Forums

zoom data leaked online

We have been hearing a lot of security issues with Zoom in the last couple of weeks and the issue is only going high. Thousands of Zoom video calls and meetings are already available on the dark web for sale. It was confirmed by a hacker to Motherboard. The prices for these leaked videos range anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. Now, new reports tell that Zoom account credentials are being sold on Dark Web.

According to Bleeping Computer, about 500,000 Zoom accounts are sold on the Dark web and hacker forums. This includes the victim’s username, email, password, and other sensitive information. All of them are available at a much lower price than you would expect.

These details could be possibly used for Zoom bombing and other malicious activities.

zoom account credentials leaked online

A cybersecurity intelligence firm, Cyble first discovered Zoom account credentials posted on some hacker forums. Following this, Cyble bought about 530,000 Zoom account credentials for $0.0020 each account. The username, email, and password were shared by these hackers through a text sharing site.

As per Cyble, the majority of the leaked Zoom accounts belong to people from educational institutions and some popular companies as well.

Zoom has not confirmed anything about the data leak yet. We have been getting lots of Zoom accounts related flaws in the past so it is always better to change your Zoom account password immediately.

How to know if your Zoom account credentials are leaked?

Users who are doubtful whether their account information has been leaked online could use a popular sire called ‘Have I Been Pwned‘. This site tells if your Email or password is ever breached online. If you found some info from the site, it is better to change the password from all sites using the same password

Source: Bleeping Computer

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