6 Best Hacking Apps for Android [Must Try]

Android is the number one smartphone operating system with the highest number of the userbase. Android is open source and you have the flexibility to try lots of stuff on Android. A lot of security enthusiasts and ethical hackers use Android too. If you are one of them or want to get started with using ethical hacking apps on Android then you are at the right place.

android hacking apps

In this article, we will share the list of best Hacking apps for Android that you can use to do various tests and other things like penetration tests, security level measuring, and a lot more. These apps work on any Android smartphone with decent specifications. If you own an Android device, then just scroll down to the list below to find some amazing hacking apps for Android that will help you to do various variety of stuff.

Disclaimer: The list below only contains ethical hacking apps and IPEE World has no responsibility if you try to do illegal stuff with these apps. Only use these apps if you know what you are doing.

Must Use Hacking Apps for Android

Almost all apps mentioned in the list below work on both rooted as well as non-rooted smartphones. So it is not necessary that you want a rooted smartphone to get things to work. Similarly, some special apps might require root permission to work.

1. zANTI 


The first app on our list is called zANTI. zANTI is a hacking Android app from a company called Zimperium. It is a mobile penetration testing toolkit that will help you to assess the risk levels of a network easily. The app is mainly targeted towards Security Managers, but you can give it a try as well. This app will help you to find malicious techniques employed to compromise a network.

The scan option will help you to scan and search the entire network for vulnerabilities and display them on your smartphone. If you want to do some penetration testing and assess the security of your network then zANTI will definitely help you with that for sure.


2. AndroRAT


AndroRAT is an ultimate Android toolkit with tons of different options to remotely control a smartphone. The expanded form of AndroRAT is Android Remote Administrative Tools. As the name itself suggests, this app will help us to remotely control and do various stuff on any Android smartphone. You can remotely use the smartphone camera of another device, make a call, access call records and logs, send messages, open links, and a lot more.

Once the setup is done on the target phone, you no longer need to touch the phone to do anything. You can use your device to remotely manage and do everything. This app will also come in handy at times when you want to do complex level things on your Android device. Do checkout AndroRAT using the link given below.

Get AndroRAT

3. Hackode Android

Hackode android

If you are looking for a not so complex ethical hacking app for Android then Hackode is something that you need to consider. Soon after you install and open the app, you will find mainly four options – Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploit, and Security Feed. This app is mainly for IT specialists and penetration testers. MX record scanning, DNS, SQL Injection are a few things that you can do with the help of this application for Android.

Even though Hackode is aimed at cybersecurity experts that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the app. You can download it from their website and use it to learn things and know how it works.

Get Hackode

4. USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver Android

USB Cleaver is an app that you can install on your device and connect to a computer. Using this app you can deploy payloads to employ different tasks. You can use USB Cleaver by mounting it on your Android smartphone and use it from the device’s SD Card.

Different Payloads that you can deploy includes:

  • Dump System Information
  • Dumo FireFox Passwords
  • Dump Chrome Passwords
  • Dump WiFi Passwords

You can select anyone of these and tap on the generate payload button to get things started.

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5. FaceNiff

FaceNiff for Android

FaceNiff is used to snoop into a WiFi network and track users’ activities. Let’s suppose there are multiple people connected to a wifi network and doing something online like browsing through social media. The person with the FaceNiff app can snoop into their account easily. Every time you log in to your social media account like Facebook, a cookie file is stored on your browser.

FaceNiff app will steal that Cookie file from target device and gives you access to the other person’s account easily.

Get FaceNiff

6. Shark for Root

shark for root android

As the name itself indicates, Shark for Root is only for Rooted Android devices. This app will help you to intercept traffic over a network and monitor all activities. Sometimes, security administrators might want to monitor the activities done over a wireless or wired network. Shark for Root could be used in this situation to intercept the traffic and monitor activites done by all connected users.

Use this app at your own risk as it might compromise the security and privacy of other people connected to the same network.

Get Shark for Root

Also, see our guide on Hacking WiFi to gain access to a network without having the need to enter the password.

Final Words

These are some amazing Hacking Apps for Android that you should definitely checkout. AndroRAT is an interesting Android app by which you can remotely control any Android smartphone from any part of the globe easily. There are tons of other hacking apps for Android as well. Make sure to visit this page in the future to see the updated list of apps for Android to learn ethical hacking.

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