How to Remotely Access Computer’s Hard Disk with Smartphone

Do you want to access your files or any other contents on your PC or Laptop with your Smartphone? If yes, then continue reading this article. Suppose you want an important file on your PC or Laptop, but the PC/Laptop is not with you, what will you do to get that file? Obviously, you may go home Open your computer and copy the data, isn’t? But there is a solution for all your such problems. That’s why you are here.

In this article, you will find, How to access files on your computer with your Smartphone. For example, you want to present a presentation to your boss in the office. You are all set to begin the presentation, but suddenly when you check your bag, Boom! you forgot to take the Laptop or Pendrive/DVD. What will you do in this situation? Now that’s this article is all about.


You can easily access any file on your Computer or Laptop from your Smartphone remotely through the App mentioned below. It’s completely Free, Safe and Secure. Your data will be encrypted and no others can access it. So, this trick is definitely going to help you when you forget to take your Laptop for presentation or for any important work. So, let’s see how to access it remotely.

How To Access Files In Your PC/Laptop Using Smartphone

Follow the step-by-step instructions and see how it works. I will be sharing two different methods to transfer files remotely. In the first method, we will be using an app called Younity and for the second method, we will be using Google’s own Chrome Remote Desktop.

Access Files on your Computer Remotely From Smartphone

In this method, we will be using a software called Younity. For using this method, you are required to have Younity PC Client installed on your computer and the Younity app installed in your smartphone.

Step 1: First of all, Download Younity App for PC

Download Younity

Step 2: Once the download is completed, Open the Installer package,

Step 3: Now Install Younity on your PC and Open it

Install Younity on PC

Step 4: Once the Younity app is open, you will see a Sign-Up, click on it.

Sign Up on Younity

Step 5: Enter your Email, Password and click on Sign Up

Register For A Younity Account

Step 6: Once you clicked on the Sign-Up button, a verification email will be sent.

Step 7: Now go to your email, click on the verification email sent by Younity.

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Step: 8: Go back to Younity App and click on the “I have verified my email” button.

Verify Younity Account

Now you verified your Younity account registration.

Step 9: Click on the Close button.

Now the PC part is over and now let’s head over to Smartphone session.

Step 10: Download Younity App for your Smartphone device from the link mentioned below.

  Download Younity For Android Download Younity For iOS

Step 11: Download and install the app on your smartphone.

Step 12: Now click on the login button, provide your login credentials and click on Log In.

Step 13: Now you are logged into Younity account in smartphone

Now you will be able to see each and every file on your PC/Laptop in your Mobile Device. You can stream or Play any kinds of music, videos or any other file within the Younity App.

Method 2: Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a cross-platform method that you can use to access files from and to Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS. Google Chrome is available for all platforms mentioned above and you are required to have Google Chrome web browser installed on both of your devices.

Step 1: Firstly, Go to the Chrome Remote Desktop page and then click on the blue download button

chrome remote desktop

Step 2: Now a popup will appear asking you to add the Chrome Extension. Just click on the add button.

chrome remote desktop extension

Step 3: Install the extension. Wait for a few seconds

Step 4: Go back to the website and it will ask you to mention a Name

Step 5: Set up a 6+ PIN.

Step 6: Now a UAC Popup will appear. Just click on Yes button

Now setting up Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer is done. Next is to configure the app on your Android or iOS Device.

Step 7: Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android or iOS from the link given below

Chrome Remote Desktop – Android

Chrome Remote Desktop – iOS

Step 8: Instal the app on your smartphone device.

Step 9: Once you open the app, you will find the list of computers you enabled this option. It will display the name you mentioned in step 4.

Step 10: To authenticate with the host, you need to type in the PIN you set in step 5.

Step 11: Wait for it to establish the connection successfully. Once connected, both your devices will bridge and you can easily transfer files between both the devices within the Chrome Remote Desktop App.

Earlier, the Google Chrome Remote Desktop was introduced as stand-alone software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. But after a few updates, they have integrated this to their very own Google Chrome web browser as an extension that is what we used in this tutorial. I am not sure if the stand-alone version of chrome remote desktop is available or not. Anyway, this works fine and you should be able to transfer files in a matter of few seconds. The connected and transfer speed depends upon the Internet speed on both the devices. If a device is having high speed and one lacks it then the transfer will be slow as hell. So, make sure that both your devices have high-speed internet to send and receive data/files.

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Now you can take a copy of the file which you want to your smartphone and start using it.

Now, what if you don’t have Younity. Let’s say that you forgot to take your Laptop which has a very important file. Without Younity, you can’t access them. So, all you want to do is, Quickly go home take the Laptop and come back to the office and start using the file. Oh, how hard it is!

Final Words

Hope you guys found this article useful. This comes handy when you want to have access to your files in your PC/Laptop using your very own Smartphone itself. This trick helps us from many situations when we forget to take our Laptop which has a lot of important data

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