Add Alexa Site Metrics Certificate To Your Blog

Alexa is a Premium website/Blog ranking website powered by Amazon.Millions of of people uses Alexa Certificates to get more visitors to their website.Overall you can also check any sites site info and rankings through Alexa.Alexa is offering  only Premium plans and not free.You sholud pay if you want to get the certificate certified by alexa itselfs.Now you can also Add Invisible Hidden Alexa Widget

Adding Alexa certificate is too simple and easy all you want to is to add a piece of HTML code to a gadget.


  • Using this certificates wont make your site alexa certified,If your site wants to be certified by Alexa then you should go with some premium plans.
  • Alexa certificates are not much attractive
  • Alexa does not provide Free membership

We also have two types of Alexa certificates,Both are different :

  1. With only site rank
  2. With site rank and links in.

How to Add This


To add this alexa metrics certificate to your blogger/blogspot blog follow the below steps :
  • Go to Dashboard > Layout> Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript
  • Paste the below given HTML code in that empty box
  • Save it 
  • All Done 🙂


If you are hosting your own blog powered by WordPress:
You can add the Certify Code to your site by installing the Alexa plugin and adding your site’s Certify Code to it.
Get Plugin Here : Click Here

Unfortunately, does not allow you to add javascript to a site. You need to be able to add javascript to your site in order to get your site’s metrics Certified on Alexa.
We recommend contacting and letting them know that you are interested in adding Alexa’s javascript code to your site.
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With Only Site Ranking

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>


  • Replace two times from the code

With Ste Ranking and Links In

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>


  • Replace 2 times from the code given above
Thats all now Alexa Website Metrics Certificate is on your blog/website 
Happy Blogging 🙂

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