Add Featured Post Widget On A Blogger Blog


Featured Post widgets can be alos used in Blogger/Blogspot blogs other than wordpress or other CMS. The process is too handy and much simple as adding a piece of HTML tag in the layout option of your blog.

Adding a featured post widget will help you get more visitors and you will be gaining more page views.It will also help the visitors to easy access your blog in short term. Adding a featured post image on blog post will also increase you blog popularity

Other than using this widget for featured Post, We can also use this widget  for displaying particular post from specific label used in the blog.

Example :

Let’s Start

Before going in, Open a post which you want to make under featured post and now add a label like “featured post” or “your label name”
Do remember do not use capital letters when adding a label for this widget as it case sensitive

1. Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add A Gadget 

2. From the widget selection windows choose HTML/Javascript option

Now in the space provided for typing the name for the widget, Type the label name there and simply hit save

Note : Only use “featured post” instead of “Featured Post” as it case sensitive.Do not use capital letters

Now you can also add sub domain and admins and authors to your blogger blog

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