Add Non Removable Credit Links To Blogger Templates

Creating a blogger template is such difficult task for anyone, It needs a lot of efforts, hard work and too many time.Creating and adding codes to the blogger template, Making codes for the images and there are other hundreds of work to be don.So if this blogger template is a free one,Then the publisher can add a Non Removable Credit Link to their blogger template with Automatic site redirection too.

This means that if anyone removed any part of credit link from their blog template,Then their blog will be automatically redirected to template publisher’s or your desires URL location,This will help you to get more traffic and more readers.

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Why So Special :

  • Non Removable.
  • Easy to add and edit.
  • Site will be automatically redirected to your desired URL location if the credit link is removed.

So let’s start,

Basically this is javascript doing all this function, so first you want to edit below given HTML Tags to your preference

<script type='text/javascript'> 
var aa=$("
if (aa == null) {
window.location.href = "";

Facts To Know ;

#mycredit >>> This is the name of the div class we using for our setup.If anyone removed those codes thene the site will redirect to your desired location. >>> This is the location were site wants to redirect if edited.

Now add the above code to after <head> tag with desires editing.

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Using div Structure

<div id='#mycredit'>
Designed By <a href='' id='#mycredit'>IPEE World</a>

Now change URL and name with yours

Hiding  Scripts In External Host

Any bloggers can remove the div ID and replace it with any other to make redirection to no more work,Now let’s we hide the script and other may not find it
This process is done outside blogger host so you need at least a small free Dropbox account.
Now open simple text editor software like Notepad and paste the below coding with desired editing.
var aa=$("#mycontent").val();
if (aa == null) {
window.location.href = "";


Now make changes to the URL and name as in 1st step

Now click on save

Now add .js after your file name and select encoding as UTF8 (Screenshot below)

Now go to and sign up or login to your account

Upload the .js file created to the public folder

Copy the URL of the uploaded file

<script src='Drop Box LINK HERE' type='text/javascript'/>

Now add the above given code below <head> tag by replacing Drop Box LINK HERE with your uploaded file’s direct download link

We have successfully inserted a non removable credit link to our blogger template.Now other bloggers will be showing respect to our hard work and time

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