Airtel Balance Check: USSD Codes To Check Data, Balance & Other Services

Are you an Airtel Telecom service user? If Yes, this article is just tailored for you guys. Today in this article I will list all Airtel USSD Codes to check Main Balance, 2G/3G/4G Data or any other services in your Airtel Sim card. that’s cool, right? Altogether, this article is definitely going to be the one-stop for all your Airtel USSD codes to check different offers and services on your Airtel sim.

For starters, those who don’t know what a USSD Code is. The expanded version of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. So, why we use them? Well, We use USSD Codes to directly communicate with the Telecom Service Provider’s System. Let’s take a practical example, It is not possible to always call the Customer Care to know what is your Main Balance or How is your Data Balance. In this case, you could use a respective USSD code to get the information you want without needing to contact the Customer Care team. That’s great, isn’t it?

Airtel Balance Check

Below, I will share almost all USSD Codes for Airtel Network. You can use them to get info about pretty much anything in your Airtel Sim. To use them Simply open up your Dialer and Type in the USSD Code and tap the call button. In return, you will get a popup box with the information you were searching for (like Main Balance, Data Balance or other offers & Services.)

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Check Airtel Balance – All Airtel USSD Codes

I have broken the codes list into sub-categories so that you can find the most relevant USSD code as fast as possible. So, with that all being set, Let’s get started.


True Balance is a simple App that lets you check your Balance and shows best Recharge offers available for your Airtel and any other Number. You can download the App from the link below and get Sign Up Bonus of Rs. 20 Recharge.

True Balance is a simple App that lets you check your Balance and shows best Recharge offers available for your Airtel and any other Number. You can download the App from the link below and get Sign Up Bonus of Rs. 30 Free Recharge

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Must Know Airtel USSD Codes

These are the Airtel USSD Codes that you must know any time. This section includes super important codes like USSD to check airtel balance, check airtel data balance or even fund transfer between two different Aitel numbers. I will tabulate almost all the available codes and the newer ones will be added to the bottom of the list. So, here it is.

USSD Code Info
*123# Airtel Balance Check
121 Airtel Customer Care Number
*123*11# Check 3G Data Balance
*123*8# Check 4G Data Balance
*121# My Airtel services
*121*7# Check Last 5 Transactions

Newly Added – Know Your Own Airtel Mobile Number : *282#

App To Check Airtel Balance

As mentioned earlier, Truebalance is a great App to check the balance on any sim by a simple swipe. You are not required to type the USSD again and then check the balance. Now, with the TrueBalance App, you can just open the app and swipe from top to bottom to see the latest updated Balance info on your sim. Not only Airtel, But You can also use TrueBlance App for any other sim as well.

Also be sure to check the top Free Recharge Apps that pay Rs.50 instantly on sign up.

Apart from that, Truebalance also provides lighting offers on Mobile Recharges on Talktime and Data. So it’s a win-win for installing the App.

Truebalance App Download

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Other Airtel USSD Codes

The codes given above are super important and mos used codes. But you will need to have a look at the below-given codes as you might want to use it occasionally. You won’t set dialer tone every day, so these are codes that are used less often and Below are such codes that are used occasionally and one-time use.


USSD Code Info
*123*10# 2G Data Balance Check
*123*197# Airtel Night Data Balance
1909 Activate/Deactivate DND
52141 Airtel Talktime and Data Loan
*555# Local SMS Balance Check
*123*1# Airtel to Airtel Balance Check – Mins
*121*4# Airtel – VAS
*888# Missed Call Alert
*777# Local/National SMS Packs
*566# Special Offers and Rewards for Airtel Sim
*321# Live Services
*121# My Offers
*123*7 Check Free Local, STD SMS Blanace
*282# Know Your own Airtel number
543212 Airtel Live Services
543217 Contests/Rewards on Win
543215 Songs
543213 Airtel Music Station
*325# Free Facebook (Rs. 1 Per Day)
Send SMS – MO to 54321 Get Airtel 2G/3G/4G Data GRPS Settings
Recharge Airtel by Sachet Coupon
*121*6# Airtel DTH Service
*121*11# Airtel Tariff Plans
*121*30# SMS Packs
*141 # Balance Transfer
*515# Twitter Service
*121# My Offer
*110# Airtel SMS Deactivation

There are the most used USSD Codes by Airtel. You can perform various activities with these codes like checking main balance, data balance, airtel data transfer, dialer tone, etc with ease. Recently, they updated all their USSD codes with new ones so, now the changed codes has been updated above. Idea and Vodafone also went through a major USSD Code change phase and now everythings seems quite normal.

You have two options, one is to use the regular set of USSD Codes and the other one is to use the Balance Check App mentioned above. You can choose to go with the method that you think is convenient for you. Sometimes, Operator do change their code and update their line of USSD Codes, in such situations be sure to visit this page again for future updates.

Final Words

So, guys, these are the must-know Airtel USSD Codes to Check Airtel Balance, Data or any other Service including VAS. I tried my level best to compile all these Airtel USSD Codes and Airtel Balance Check Codes in one place. So, in short, this is your one-stop for your all USSD Codes related issue with Airtel. Bookmark this page right away by clicking (Ctrl+D) to get new USSD Codes firstly whenever they are updated with new one!. If I have missed any important USSD Codes of Airtel Telecom network, then please let me know in the comment section, I will add them ASAP. Do share this article with your friends having Airtel Sim and let them know about these USSD codes as well.

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