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Amazon Warehouses Make Use of Thermal Cameras to Scan for Feverish People

amazon warehouse uses thermal camera

Amazon warehouses and fulfillment centers started using thermal cameras to monitor the body temperature of people working there. Earlier, Amazon used forehead thermometers to check for high temperatures. The new thermal camera system makes things easier and helps in finding feverish people with high temperatures.

The sensor uses the data on how much heat does a worker emit to the relative surrounding. These cameras need less time while comparing the method that was used by Amazon up until now. Furthermore, these thermal cameras need not be in contact with any person for testing, so it is safer at the same time. All these cameras are connected to a computer from where a person can monitor the results in realtime. If someone is spotted with the relatively higher temperature than usual then a forehead thermometer will be used to double-check the results, said an Amazon employee.

Amazon had already closed 6 of its fulfillment centers temporarily as the dispute from workers kept on growing which increase the risk of Coronavirus spreading.

US Government and India Govt have already permitted to deliver essential and necessary items to the customers. Flipkart has even started delivering smartphones in India as per the regulations from the authorities.

According to the employees of Amazon, the company has started using the thermal camera system in at least six Amazon warehouses outside Los Angeles and Seattle.

All these measures taken by the company are to protect their works and customers from the global pandemic. Higher security measures, if not thermal camera technology is employed on almost all warehouses and fulfillment centers of not just Amazon but other companies as well.

In India, now users could place an order for electrical appliances and smartphones through some e com websites like Flipkart, under authority regulations.

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