6 Best Android Emulators For Mac – [Updated] in 2020

Recently, I did post an ultimate list of  Top Android Emulators for Windows and Online Android Emulators. Now, it’s time to share the list of Top Android Emulator for Mac. You may want to Install or try any Android App on your Mac for any reason. Whether you may be an App Developer and you may want to debug the App or you may want to use WhatsApp on your Mac or play any Top Android Games. Whatever be the reason, Android Emulator Mac can help you in this case. Android Emulator for Mac lets you install Android Apps and Google Play Service to install Apps on Mac device.

If you are not a developer, have you ever thought about Installing Android Apps on your Mac computer and play any games or use any app on your Mac? If you are not aware of Android Emulator Mac, then Android Emulators are software that creates Android Environment on your PC or Mac.  So, that we can play or use Android Apps on our Mac system.

Android Emulators For Mac

This article also has the best Android Game Emulators, too. So, if you are a serious Gamer then this article will really help you. Some Apps mentioned this list is specially designed for Gaming. So, if you are a hardcore gamer, be sure to check Android Game Emulators. Without further ado, let’s jump into the article and let’s go through the list.

Best Android Emulator for Mac – Ultimate Edition

So, here goes the list of Top Android Emulators Mac. Go through the list mentioned below and find one that suits you the best. Start playing Android Games on Mac or Install Google Play Store and use any android apps on Mac.

1. Bluestacks for Mac

As always, Bluestacks is one of the industry leaders in the Android Emulator industry. If you ask anyone do you know anything about Android Emulator, that person first may tell about Bluestacks. Because Bluestacks is famous as an Android App Player, Android Game Emulator and Android Developer love this software. Probably Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator for Mac as Nox App Player and Remix OS Player are not available for Mac.

Bluestacks For Mac

Bluestacks comes with Google Play Store pre-installed in it, right out of the box. You can easily download any Apps or Games for free, from the Google Play Store and install it on Bluestacks. Bluestacks uses the same Internet Network that you are connected to. So, you are not required to configure the special connection for Bluestacks or anything. Bluestacks is not that lightweight application, It’s a heavy Android Emulator.

You can take Snapshots, Record your live gaming screen, or install any Chat application like WhatsApp to do Chatting with your friends.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offline as well as Online Installer available for Mac
  • Install third-party APK directly from your MAC by simply double-clicking it.
  • Comes pre-loaded with Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

   Download Bluestacks

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2. Nox App Player

nox app player for mac

Nox App Player is of the best Android Emulator for Mac with all those features that you will get in the normal version for Windows. It’s really nice to see Nox App Player is now available for Mac computers. Whether you are into gaming or just to use any Android App, this emulator got you covered. You have multiple keyboard mapping features to map your gaming controls with ease. It comes with Google Play Store pre-installed and you can root it in a click. If you are about to try apps that need root permission then you are good to go. I have used Nox App Player on my Windows PC for some time now and it really seems promising, I believe the same will be the experience that you will get in your Mac.

Highlighted Features:

  • Seamless Android Experience for macOS
  • Ideal for gaming and normal App usage
  • Root options available
  • Good Keyboard mapping for gaming
  • Interactive UI
  • Comes with Google Play Store

   Nox App Player for MacOS

3. Droid4X for Mac

Droid4x For Mac

Are you a hardcore Android Gamer? Droid4x is an Android Emulator that is specially designed for High-End Gaming. As this is targetted for Gamers, there a lot of features that are special for this Android Emulator and not available on the other. I tried it on my as well as my Friend’s Mac and it’s working seamlessly. To be frank, the gaming experience this Android Emulator gives is awesome. This Android Emulator has ARM Support on almost all Apps.  This Emulator also supports Multi-touch. So, you can play any games that require multiple touches at the same moment. Gaming will be much fun with Droid4X Android Emulator Mac. Games would load even faster than in any Android Emulator.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes Pre-Rooted already
  • Use a Smartphone or Keyboard as a controller
  • ARM Support
  • Multi-Touch
  • Drag and Drop APK to Install


4. Andy Android Emulator for Mac

Andy Android Emulator for Mac

Andy is a high-end Android Emulator. It’s a powerful as well as a heavy Android Emulator designed for Mac and PC. Andy Emulator comes as a package installer with many apps. It works on a separate Virtual Machine, so the installer file will be much high compared to other Android Emulators. The package comes with both Installer and Virtual Machine. You need to install Virtual Box before installing Andy Android Emulator Mac.

Highlighted Features:

  • Google Play Store – Pre Installed
  • Multi-Touch support
  • OPEN GL hardware acceleration support
  • Use your Smartphone as Controller.

   Andy Android Emulator

5. Genymotion for Mac

Genymotion for Mac

Genymotion is different from all other Android Emulators. Genymotion’s prime feature is that you can access Android Emulator on a screen size you prefer. Yes, you can select the screen resolution of your choice. Also, choose the Android Version of your choice. You can select from any Android Version available in the App.

You need to create an Account on Genymotion and then log in to your Account in Genymotion app. It’s that simple to get started. It has device category section, you can select which device you want to try, whether it be Google Nexus (Yes, old version) or any HTC Version or any Samsung device, the list goes on.

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Highlighted Features:

  • You have the freedom to select the required amount of RAM, Storage for each Emulator device instances you make.
  • You can have more than 1 instance of Android Emulator at a time
  • Use your PC’s Internet or Wifi Network.
  • ADB  AND Open GL Support
  • Drag and Drop Feature.


6. Xamarin for Mac

Xamarin Android Emulator for Mac is the last one on our list. This Android Emulator supports OpenGL.

xamarin android emulator for mac

I have not personally tried Xamarin in my Mac or Pc, so, I can’t tell more about this Android Emulator. But from the research, I did on the web, I found that it is not that popular but still, it’s good Android EEmulatorfor Mac. Try it yourself and let me know how it works. I will leave the link to download Xamarin Software. Xamarin is developer-friendly and is more or less leaned towards developers and coders. If you are regular users looking forward to using Android Emulator for Mac to run Android Games and Simple Android Apps then you can try Droid4x, or Bluestacks, which will the best choice out there.

   Xamarin Android Emulator


Android Emulators: PC vs Mac

If we compare Android Emulators for Mac and Windows, we can see that there are a good number of Android Emulators available for Windows while only a few of them are actually available for Mac platform. That is why it is really hard to find and run Android Apps on macOS. Bluestacks, Droid4X, etc are cross-platform and are available for both platforms. But Emulators like Remix OS Player, Nox App Player or MEmu are Windows only and it is not at all available for Mac users.

The collection of Android Emulator is still on the higher side for Windows and we have only a limited number of them available for mac. So, the choice is limited. If you are Mac user looking to run and install Android Apps on Mac, then you can have a look at the FRE Android Emulators for macOS above and install one of them, which you feel is good and convenient for you.

Final Words

I hope you guys found this list of Top Android Emulator for Mac or Android Emulator mac. You can these Android Emulators for playing any Games or Install any Android Apps of your choice. Now, go through all Android Emulators mentioned in the list and find one that suits all your needs. You can Install WhatsApp and Chat with your friends or Install and Play Subway Surfers on your Mac. and do whatever you want.

Feel free to comment down below, your thoughts about this list and contact if need any assistance.

Android Emulator Mac
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