Android 7.0 Nougat – Release Date, Features, News & Latest Updates

All new version of Android; Android 7.0 Nougat is about for its official launch,It is said to be released in August 2016.Official Release Date will be made from 22nd August 2016 Onwards,LG V20 will be first ever Smartphone to be released with Android Nougat Operating System.

Finally, the wait is over and Android Nougat is just a few days away from us. It’s the 14nth version of Android in the Alphabetical Order which is half the way out of 26.2-3 Months before Google has officially launched Android N’s Developer preview version which was available to download. If you haven’t used it give it a try and find how Android N looks like. There will be major changes in the Official Version from the Preview version but to get a silent idea about the new OS, you should try it.

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Now let’s check what are the Latest News about Android Nougat like Release Date, News, Features and benefits.

Now with that all being set, let’s quickly jump into the Article and see what are the surprises waiting!. 🙂

Android Nougat: Release Date

As per the recent News and Rumors on the Internet, It is expected that the Android Nougat OS will be released on the 3rd week of August.It is likely to be released on 22nd August 2016.
Release Date: 22nd August 2016


Multitasking Feature: 
Now with this awesome feature, you can your split your screen into  to 2 or more different Parts for running different apps on your device simultaneously.You can use those split areas for running Apps in the Background as well as in the Foreground. There were many apps on the Play Store that let you split your screen for running multiple apps same time and now Google has officially announced the same feature in Android Nougat.
Drag & Drop Texts and Images:
To make multi-tasking even more comfortable Google has a added a feature that let you Drag and Drop Texts and other Images from any window to any Window on your Phone.We can now experience the same Drag and Drop feature as like what we do in our Computer System.
Day Dream Feature:
This feature lets you customize your apps with even more freedom..This is specially designed for Google VR Platform.
Bundled Notifications & DND:
You can see all your Mails, Messages and other Notifications from variuos apps from Notification Bar itself and if you are interested to see what it is, then you can click on the Notification and see what it is.Again you can also use the DND(Do Not Disturb) function to stop receiving notidfcations from unwanted things.

Quick Settings:
This feature let you make slight changes and modification to your device’s Settings from  the Notification Slider itself.It comes handy when you are busy doing some works.You can also add shortcuts for what settings to be appeared on the Notification Slider.
Virtual Reaity:
Google is now focusing deeply on VR Platform and Android Nougat is definitly gonna support it with various inbuilt features.As part of this Day Dream is also introduced in the new OS.
KeyBoard Themes:
Android Nougat comes with various new themes for the keyboard from stock android itself.Now you can add, edit and remove borders between keys and colors and customize the keyboard as per your taste.
Enhanced Perfomance:
Google also assure that Perfomance of this OS will be much more enhanced with all new latest technology.As part of this, New Graphics API called Vulkan has been introduced by them in the New OS.
With the new JIT Compiler, Google says that it will Improve the Battery Life and enhances the perfomance  of the device and will perform even more faster.
New Emoji:
Google has also updated and revamped the emoji section too.New set of emojis with different styles are to be added with Android N operating System.All the new emoji sets are somewhat similar to Apple’s emoji and looks good.
Use Different Wallpapers for Lock Screen and Background:
Now you can use 2 different Wallpapers for your Android Device’s Background and Lock Screen.This means you can use Wallpaper A as Mobile Background and Wallpaper B as Lock Screen wallpaper.You might have seen this feature on Miui and Vibe UI before.

Wrapping Up

So Guys, those are the some great new features in the upcoming Android OS which is named as Android Nougat.
As said earlier it is expected to be released on 22nd August 2016, now let’s check whether it’s true or not.
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