Android TV Gains Background Audio Playback Support

Android tv now gets background music playback option

Android TVs now support background audio streaming with the new update. The built-in Chromecast app now brings the ability to minimize and play audio from different apps other than Spotify.

This feature is available for Spotify in Android TV for some time now but with the new update the feature will be made available to few more applications like YouTube Music or other music apps, etc.

It was first spotted by 9to5Google and the reports suggest that users could now do other activities on Android TV while the music will keep playing the background.

For example, if you are looking to find a good movie to watch then in the mean time, you could play music in the background and listen to it. Or let’s say you are browsing the Internet, with the new feature, you could easily play music or other content from supported apps in the background.

During the background playback, users will be provided with two options, the first one is to open and the second one is Stop. Firstly, the Open option will open the app, and stop ends the playback. Some other information regarding music like title, album cover art, artist, etc will also be shown as well.

During the background playback, if a new app starts to play something then the background playback will be immediately stopped and the second app will take over the speakers.

Users might want to enroll in Chromecasts’s beta program in order to access the feature. For some users. it might be already available.

It’s a nice little feature that will be very helpful in situations where you want to play music but keep the screen inactive or do other stuff on the TV. It is now available in apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, etc. More apps will gain this feature in the near future.

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