Apple is Now on TikTok

apple is live on tiktok

The Cupertino based tech giant, Apple is officially live on TikTok. Apple is known for its creative videos and other marketing campaign done about their product like the iPhone, MacBook, etc. You could find tons of videos about different Apple products on their official Youtube account and a good number of photos on Instagram. The company is already very active on other platforms like Facebook, Facebook-owned Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

TikTok has seen a sudden surge in the number of users from the last few months. TikTok even started TikTok ads a while ago. The increasing demand for TikTok made Apple create a new account on TikTok so they could share short product-related videos to reach a much wider audience on the platform.

At the time of writing this article, the official account of Apple on TikTok has about 13,000 followers with no followings, bio, or even a post. It’s for sure that the followers’ count will skyrocket as soon as the first videos go live on the platform. As it is Apple’s official account, it is a verified profile and you could find a blue tick mark next to the account name.

TikTok has a huge user base and Apple plans to make use of it through its short video campaigns. Apple already has a #shotoniphone Instagram campaign where they share some amazing pictures captured with iPhones. Now, the company might release product-related videos and other creative content on their TikTok account as well. The Instagram handle of the company already has around 23 million followers.

It’s good to see that such a massive company is using TikTok by understanding it’s true potential. In the future, a lot of companies will start focusing on TikTok as they do like with Instagram, and TikTok is a growing platform with a huge userbase.


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