Apple Likely To Introduce ‘Detect Panic Attacks’ Feature In WatchOS 7

apple watch to get panic attack detection

New reports suggest that Apple is working on a ‘Detect Panic Attacks’ feature, which the company might introduce with the new WatchOS 7. Apple has been introducing various healthcare-related functions and features to devices including Apple Watch and iPhones.

The leak comes from a popular tipster Jon Prosser. Jon Pressor is not a new guy, he predicted the exact release date of iPhone SE 2020 and MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020 earlier this year.

Jon Prosser in Geared Up Podcast said,  “They can identify a panic attack before it happens and warn you on your watch. Especially if you’re driving, they’ll ask you to pull over and they’ll offer breathing exercises once you get pulled over.”

According to him, Apple is working on a blood oxygen sensor for the upcoming Apple Watch Series. The new sensor is expected to bring some healthcare-related functions and features to the Apple Watch and it includes Panic Attack Detection and some other mental health-related features as well.

Apart from John Prosser, a couple of other YouTubers and Tipsters has also mentioned about the new healthcare feature that Apple might introduce in the upcoming software update. Earlier last month, YouTuber EverythingApplePro and famous tipster Max Weinbach had told the same.

Apple Watch already has a handful of great healthcare features such as heartbeat rate monitoring system and a lot of other features to check for any anomaly. Last year, Apple Watch even saved the life of a person by predicting Cardiac Arrest.

Apple is now focusing more on the healthcare department with its wearable device, Apple Watch.

It is most likely that the new feature will be announced in the WWDC 2020 event next month. And it will make it to the next Apple Watch early next year onwards. It is also expected that Apple might announce the mental health features at the time of launching Apple Watch.

Ajay Varghese
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