Apple Might Reportedly Announce Its First ARM Chips at WWDC

Apple Might Reportedly Announce Its First ARM Chips at WWDC

We already heard that Apple is planning to start using its own ARM-based chips for upcoming Macbooks starting 2021. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple might make the announcement regarding the new ARM chips at WWDC this year.

This year, WWDC will be held as an online-only event. Apple also shared that they will be streaming the event on June 22nd.

It will be a huge task for Apple to transition from Intel to ARM-based chips. It will also take time for developers to improve their apps and software to better make use of the new chips. As per the report by Bloomberg, Apple will introduce project Kalamata during the WWDC event and it will give enough time for developers to adjust before things go live. If everything goes by the plan, then the first ARM-based chip powered MacBook will be launched in 2021.

Some reports also pointed out that Apple is working on introducing a 12-core ARM-based processor built on the 5nm process.

Shifting from Intel-based chips to ARM-based chips will give Apple more control over the entire hardware and it will also let Apple software and macOS work more closely with the processor.

With this transition, we can expect better software compatibility with MacBooks and also performance-wise improvement as well. Apple will also get an option to improve energy efficiency by going this route.

There are ARM-based Windows 10 laptops already in the market. As per reports, Apple might first introduce an entry-level Macbook with the new chip and afterward, it will completely shift from Intel to ARM-based chips. This means eventually all Macbooks will be powered by Apple’s own chip instead of Intel’s.

As you might already know, Apple is using everything right from software to hardware of its own on iPhones and the performance is unmatchable. The same will be the case with MacBook as both the software and complete hardware will be powered by Apple itself.

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