Apple Music Web is Now Live; No Need To Use iTunes

apple music web is now live

Apple Music Web is now available for everyone to stream music in your web browser. The Beta version of Apple Music Web was launched last year in September. The majority of users didn’t even know the existence of the web version as Apple did a silent launch.

Apple Music’s top rival, Spotify is having this feature for some time now. Spotify web allows it’s users to log in to their Spotify account using a web browser and stream all the songs available on the platform. The same is the case with Apple Music. But Apple Music for Web requires a $9.99 monthly subscription.

The Apple Music Web allows you to stream more than 60 million tracks and access the playlists, albums, favorites, artists, etc that may be saved on your iPhone.

This might not make any difference for MacBook + iPhone users combo. But people using a Windows machine instead of the MacBook will be very much benefited from this web version. Earlier, you are required to install the iTunes software for Windows, which is laggy as hell. Users will only be able to listen to music after doing all these things. Now things have changed with the introduction of Apple Music Web.

The user interface is something is very similar to that of Spotify. You will be able to find new releases, music, and tracks as well as you could access the playlists and favorite music you saved on your iPhone through the web version.

How to access Apple Music Web?

To access the Apple Music web, just click here or go to You will be first asked to log in to your account so that you can get personalized content feed recommendations. From the left sidebar, you could also listen to Radios that are available in Apple Music as well.

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