Apple To Gradually Reopen Some Stores In The US Next Week

apple to open apple stores in the us gradually

Apple has officially announced that they are about to open some Apple Stores in the US in the coming weeks. It will take all the safety precautions to curb the spread of the virus.

Initially, Apple is planning to reopen Apple Stores Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, and South Carolina, and later it will expand to other locations and regions as well.

Shelter-in-place rules exist in many parts of the country and gradually the authorities are giving relations to the people. Apple will continue to operate with all the security measures as everyone should wear a mask while entering the store, social distancing should be maintained, not a lot of people would be allowed in the store and so on.

“We’ve missed our customers and look forward to offering our support,” said Apple in a statement. The company also further added that “We’ll open initially with additional safety procedures including temperature checks, social distancing and face coverings to ensure customers and employees continue to stay healthy.”

Users are highly advised to make online purchases rather than visiting the stores. People who need to repair their iPhones, Apple Watch, or MacBook devices can approach the store.

Temperature checking will be done so as to make sure no one has symptoms of COVID-19.

Gradually, as the shelter-in-place rule slowly relaxes, Apple will continue reopening more stores in more locations.

Apple currently has about 270 stores in the US and only a handful of them will be opened in the coming days. Customers might want to wait for some more time for all stores to start function.

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