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Apple to Introduce Catalyst Version of iMessage on Mac

Updated iMessage to make its way to macos

In the upcoming macOS version, Apple is planning to introduce an updated and feature-rich version of iMessage.

Apple has added so many features and options to the iOS version of iMessage. Ever since 2011, Apple kept on adding new features like stickers, iMessage extensions, messages effects, etc. But none of these features made it to the macOS version of iMessage.

Apple was not focusing much on iMessage for Mac. But things are about to change soon. iMessage for macOS did not get many features that were available in the iOS version. As per a new report by 9to5Mac, the upcoming version of macOS will come with an updated iMessage app with all the features that are available in the iOS version.

Catalyst technology from Apple is something that helps developers easily port existing iOS apps to macOS easily. Apple is planning to introduce the Catalyst version of iMessage on macOS with all the features available in iOS.

Apple had already introduced many catalyst apps for macOS including Podcast and Voice Memos.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning to replace the iMessage app on macOS with a Catalyst version based on iOS 14 code.

A catalyst version of the app might not be 100 percent perfect in all terms. Sometimes, developers might not be able to port every single feature to macOS, but most of the time, it works great. Given the fact that iMessage is a simple messaging app, it will be easier for them to port the iOS version to macOS.

If everything goes as in the report, then Apple will introduce the new iMessage app for macOS on June in the upcoming version. With this update, all the features available in iMessage will be made available to all Apple products including Mac and MacBook.

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