Apple to Offer Monthly Payment Plans for Products on Apple Card

Apple card to soon introduce monthly EMI

As per new reports surfacing online, Apple will soon start to provide monthly EMI options for purchasing various Apple products including iPads, Macs, Airpods, etc on Apple Card.

It was in August last year that Apple introduced Apple Card. It was done in partnership with Goldman Sachs. Apple Card is completely integrated and connected with the Apple Wallet app and also a physical titanium card is shipped to the user as well.

As per the new plan, users will give the option to purchase Apple Products, and payments could be done using Apple Card in the iPhone’s Wallet app. The amount will be added to the monthly’ Apple Card Bill.

As reported by Bloomberg, a 12-month interest-free payment plan will be available for iPads, Macs, the Apple Pencil, iPad keyboards, Apple Pro Display XDR and a 6-month interest-free payment plan will be available for AirPods, HomePod, and Apple TV.

The company CEO, Tim Cook had already said on the second-quarter earnings report that the company will soon launch an EMI based payment service for products beyond iPhone.

Apple already had an interest-free payment plan for iPhones purchased with Apple Card for 24 months and users could get a cashback of 3 percent as well.

This will definitely boost the popularity of the Apple Card and more people will get it as they can now buy their favorite Apple products on monthly EMIs. So the burden of paying the full amount will cut here.

The new service will roll out in the coming few weeks and an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on this for now. As Tim Cook had already mentioned a similar plan on the second-quarter earnings call, we can expect this to arrive sooner than later. No specific date or other details are available as of now.

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