Apple to Soon Assemble iPhone SE 2020 in India

apple to assemble iphone se 2020 in india

As of now, Apple has to pay about 20 percent tax to import new iPhone models to India. In an attempt to reduce the tax burden, Apple is reportedly planning to assemble the newly launched affordable iPhone SE 2020 in India.

Apple had already started assembling some iPhones in India a couple of years ago. iPhone models like the iPhone SE were manufactured at a Wistron facility in Bengaluru.

Up until now, Apple was only assembling older versions of the iPhone in India and this is the first time that the company is planning to manufacture a newly introduced model in the country.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 was launched in April and came with an affordable price tag of $399. But the price of the same device with the same configuration in India will roughly translate to $558, which approximately $159 higher than the original price. That’s almost a difference of 50 percent right away.

By assembling iPhones in India, Apple will be able to save a lot of import duty taxes and other expenses incurred while importing the units.

Apple has currently partnered with two manufactures in India – Wistron, and Foxconn.

As per a report floating online, an Apple supplier in China is asked to start shipping components for the iPhone SE 2020 to the Wistron plant in India from July. Apple has not officially confirmed anything regarding this.

If this is the case, then Apple iPhone SE 2020 will become even cheaper in India. As of now, it’s almost 50 percent expensive while comparing with the US pricing.

Back in October 2019, Apple started manufacturing iPhone XR in India. Apple started manufacturing products in India for the first time in May 2017.

Anyways it’s good to see Apple is finally taking some actions to reduce the price of iPhones in India. Now a lot more people will be able to afford entry-level iPhones.

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