Apple to Transition from Intel to ARM-based Chips in Macs in Next 2 Years

Apple to introduce first ARM based mac by the end of this year

WWDC 2020 was a “historic day for the Mac”. Turns out that all the earlier rumors are true and finally today Apple announced their plan to completely move from Intel-based chips to ARM-based chips.

Apple will soon start to use ARM-based chips and make a complete transition from Intel processors. Apple is planning to introduce the very first ARM-based Mac by the end of this year. But the full transition might take up to 2 years. Even after moving to ARM-based chips, Apple will keep giving support and updates for Intel-based models as well.

Making the move from Intel to custom ARM-based chips is going to be a game-changer here. ARM processors will offer high efficiency and battery backup when compared with Intel. The reason here is simple. Apple could fine-tune both their software and hardware to work together and customize it according to the way they want it to be. So it is for sure that we will see huge performance improvement here.

Another biggest change is that soon after moving to Apple’s own ARM-based custom chips, macOS will support iOS apps natively. All the macOS demo shown in WWDC 2020 was done in an actual Mac powered by the A12Z processor.

Apple has given enough time for developers to shift their apps and software for the ARM chips.

Rosetta 2 will make it easy for developers to easily convert their app to support ARM processors. Furthermore, Apple is providing all sorts of assistance for developers to get started with the new processors.

Developers will be given access to a Quick Start program which includes documentation, sample code, and access to labs around the world. Developers could also get a Developer Transition Kit which includes a Mac Mini running with A12Z processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD, and macOS Big Sur Dev beta.

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