Australian ISPs Ordered to Block 86 Pirate Websites

australian court order to block 86 pirate websites

The Federal Court of Australia wants all the ISPs in the country to block 86 websites at the DNS level. The court has approved the application filed by a coalition of copyright holders and streaming services like Netflix, Disney, Village Roadshow, Fils, etc. All the 86 website and their 115 domain will be blocked in the next 15 days.

The blocking will be done at the DNS (Domain Name System) level in Australia. Even after blocking these domains, any of them can be easily accessed using a VPN, Proxy, or Tor browsers.

The applicants tried contacting these websites but they received no reply from them. Only 1 out of these 86 websites responded to them. was the website that responded and they said their website only shared contents for educational purposes. It was intended to make learning the Japanese language easier. But the explanation didn’t convince the court and Animelon was also included in the list of pirate websites to be blocked.

If the websites change the domain URL and restart to share copyrighted contents then the copyright holders will have to submit another application to block these websites. As of now, the websites are not blocked at dynamic level. If the blocked website gets majority of the traffic from Australia then the chances are they might change the URL and relaunch the website. If this happens then the media companies and copyright holders will have to file yet another application. for the same.

Even after blocking the websites, they can be easily accessed using a VPN like NordVPN or any sort of proxy websites. The blocking is done as a basic measurement to prevent piracy.

You can find all the list of blocked pirate websites here.

Source: Technadu

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