Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Starts from 18th of May

Finally, the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will start on the 18th of May 2021. Android users can pre-register for the same from the Google Play Store.

It’s been a week since we are hearing a lot of chatters regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch. Well, now the company has turned around and announced the pre-registration date. The company announced the same via a blog post as well as a pre-registration video on YouTube as well.

All users who want to get access to the game at the time of launch may pre-register by following the link given below. So, the registration date is the 18th of May 2021. Once it is 18th may, people can head over to the play store page where you need to pre-register for access.

Once the game is launched, people who pre-registered for the same will get some special reward like skin or other cosmetic items as well.

How to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

In order to pre-register for the game, follow the simple step by step guide below.

  • On 18th May or later, head over to Google Play Store and search for Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • Tap on the listing and hit the Pre-register button
  • Now, you have successfully pre-registered for Battlegrounds Mobile India. You can also enable the option to automatically download the game once it goes live officially.

Pre-registration is available for Android users only. No words regarding iOS users are shared at the moment.

Krafton company also asked creators and users not to call the game PUBG Mobile instead of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company still does fear that the Indian government might ban the game again.

The release date of the game is not known either. It is expected to go live somewhere in mid-June. Anyways, let’s see, and finally, Battleground Mobile is coming, and can’t wait to experience the same.

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