Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives With High Earning Potential

If you are looking for some Best AdSense Alternatives for your Blog, then you are at the right place. Today in this article you will find the top 10 AdSense alternatives that you can start using right now for your blog. For any reason if you wanted to leave AdSense or AdSense cannot be used on your blog, you can use other Ad Networks, too. We are going to have a look at some best Ad Networks that really works well.

AdSense will really do way better than any other Ad Network If your majority of traffic are from Tier 1 Countries. CPC and Page RPM Will be much higher for these countries.

For some reason, you may not use AdSense in your Blog like, Maybe your Blog is not in a category that AdSense approves or maybe your blog has Banned from AdSense Publisher Program.

Google AdSense Alternatives

If you ask me which is the best Ad Network that we can use right now, I will blindly tell it’s AdSense. Ad Networks mentioned below is to be used when your blog is not eligible for AdSense or banned from it. If AdSense approves your Blog, then I will definitely tell you to go with AdSense only. As this is a situation where we cannot use AdSense on our Blog, we will go in search for some alternatives.

Why AdSense Alternatives?

Below mentioned are some reasons why bloggers look for AdSense alternatives:

  • AdSense may not approve your Blog to their program because your Blog is not in a category that AdSense Approves.
  • AdSense may have banned you from the program for violating any AdSense policies or doing any malpractice.
  • Visitor Traffic to your blog may not be good for AdSense
  • Maybe you wanted to try Affiliate Marketing
  • Or maybe you wanted to try some other Ad Networks than AdSense.

Without further ado let’s get into it.

Best AdSense Alternatives – 2018

I will share a list of Good Ad Networks and some quality Affiliate networks to get started with. Go through the list, select one that suits your blog the best and start using it.

AdSense Alternatives – Ad Networks


Media Net AdSense Alternative

When we talk about the immediate AdSense Alternative, it’s A contextual Ad Network from Bing and Yahoo team.

Being one of the best AdSense alternates, Media.Net does well for almost any blog. They only show High-Quality ads like Google AdSense. The revenuw=e you can earn from them will be almost same as AdSense.

Media.Net does have different Ads and Ads dimensions to boost your overall CTR. Again, If you get a majority of traffic from tire 1 countries, then your earnings will be pretty similar to AdSense’s. Media.Net is being used by many popular publishers like Forbes, etc. Again it’s a high-quality Ad Network to give a try.

Now, let’s check some Pros and Cons of Media.Net


Has different Ad Formates and Dimensions to boost page CTR

Does really well if your majority of traffics are from Tier 1 countries

One among the best AdSense alternative

High Quality Ads

Approval Process not so easy

Has strict Policy and won’t approve all sites

One approval for one site only, If you wanted to add another one, you should get another approval for that

   Join Media.Net


Bidvertiser AdSense Alternative

Bidvertiser is the second one in this list of top AdSense Alternatives. Bidvertiser is a PPC or Pay Per Click Ad Network that pays you for when anyone clicks on any ad shown by them. Bidvertiser is a must try if you want more payments like AdSense.

Approval process really simple and every website get approved to their program.  That means, whatever the site is, you will get approved for their program. No strict moderation or something.

Has different Ad planning and is good to be in this list.


 Approves All most all Sites

PPC Model Ad Network

High Paying AdSense alternative

Sort Ads e and show one with highest bid in your blog

Not that High Quality Ads

Website and Dashboard UI is not at all good. (It’s 2018 and the website looks like one in early 2000’s)

   Join Bidevertiser


RevenueHits Adsense Alternative

RevenueHits is a CPA Model Ad Network that is being used by thousands of Users around the globe.

RevenueHits do really well for a blog with visitors from tier one countries like the US and the UK, etc If you are getting traffic from Third tier countries like Asian Countries, then you won’t earn that much with RevenueHits. As I mentioned earlier, it is a CPA Model advertising site, you will get a lot of earnings for per 1000 impressions.

You can join RevenueHits with the link below and get started with your new account.


 No Issue with User Experience

 GEO Targeted to Increase CTR

One among the best AdSense alternative

Approval process so simple

CPA Model

You won’t get paid if user doesn’t click on an ad

   Join RevenueHits


Infolinks Adsense Alternative

You may already know Infolinks. Infolinks is one among the top AdSense alternative which has been in this industry since a long while ago. The best part that makes Infolinks the best is that it does not require any Ad Spot on your blog to show ads. Now, you might wonder, then How?

Infolinks shows Ads on the both sides of the page and bottom of the page. These ads will float while scrolling, which is again annoying. Another Ad format is Link Ads. It will convert the existing keywords in your article into Link Ads.

Overall, Infolinks is good, but the Ad Placement spots and methods are not soo good. It will be very annoying for every visitors and user.


Does not require any Ad Spot

Easy Approval Process

Convert keywords in article to Ads

Improved CTR

 Annoying Ad placement

 Pays really low for Tier 3 Countries

Low Quality Ads (sometimes)

   Join Infolinks

So, guys, these were the top Alternatives to Google AdSense as of right now.allmost all Ad Networks mentioned in this article is of High Quality and has a user base of thousands of visitors. For any reason, if your site is not accepted to AdSense or AdSense has banned you from their program, you can easily visit anyone of the site above and start using new Ad Network like Media.nte or Reveuehits.

Of all, Media.Net Ad Network seems to be most premium Network in the list above. It will be great if you could manage to get an Approval for Medis.Net. Ads are good and earnings, too.

Hope you guys enjoyed this list of top AdSense Alternatives.


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