Best App Locks for Android to Secure Your Personal Apps

Sometime we might want to lock some applications in our Android device. It’s true that we can use built-in option to lock our phone, but what if we want to set another password or type of lock specifically for some apps only, this is where app locks for Android come into play.

what is the best app lock for android

With the help of App Locker apps for Android, you could easily lock any individual app with a password, pin, or pattern. It will be completely different from your smartphone’s lock. Even if the smartphone is unlocked, in order to access the lock app, we need to enter yet another password.

We will have many personal data stored on our smartphones. We don’t want anyone to snoop into our privacy. If your friends or family members occasionally use your smartphone then using an App lock will be helpful.

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Best Apps Lock for Android to Use

There are tons of third-party applications that do the job well. But the first thing you should make sure is that if your device already has a built-in app locker.

Built in App Locker Apps

Most of the smartphones from companies like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, etc will have an app locker pre-installed in the device. In this case, you are not required to download and install any additional apps.

You may go to your device’s settings and see if there is any sort of options like that. If you don’t find one then go ahead and install a third-party app to make things work.

App lock option in MIUI

Here is an example of a built-in app locker app in Xioami devices having MIUI. If you are using custom ROMs then this won’t be available.

Below given are some best app locks that you can start using right away. The majority of apps lock for Android given below are fully free and comes with little or no ads at all.

1. AppLock

This app is the number one app locker app for Android with support for 45 languages. AppLock is way more than just an app lock, it comes with tons of abilities that will help you keep your private data and settings safe and secure.

AppLock for Android

The first thing is that you can easily lock pretty much any app installed on your smartphone with this app. Once set, next time onwards, it will ask you to enter the password before you can access the app.

Apart from this, a number of features like the option to lock Android settings toggle like WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, etc, Ability to lock calls, Lock images, videos, and other personal files, browser, and even comes with a dedicated power saver option as well. The power saver option will let you save battery while the app is working in the background to keep your device safe. If you are looking for an app that has the option to lock images and videos also, then this is for you.

Download AppLock from Play Store

2. Norton App Lock

Norton is a very popular company that has Antivirus programs for smartphones and computers. The same company is having a dedicated app lock for Android. With this app, you can easily lock any apps in Android with PIN, Password, Pattern, or Fingerprint.

Norton App Lock for Android

It is completely ad-free and comes with some amazing features. You can set a recovery email within the app to recover the password if in case you lose the master password.

Similarly, the app also has this option where it captures the selfie of the person trying to unlock the app if he/she failed in three attempts.

Download Norton App Lock

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3. AppLock (IVYMOBILE)

AppLock from IVYMOBILE is yet another app to lock personal apps in Android. Like many other apps in the play store, this app also got the option to lock files and data such as photos, videos, and other private files.

Free AppLock for Android

You can use the app to hide sensitive content from the users of your phone. The best part is that you can even hide photos directly from the gallery. Once locked, the images won’t appear on Gallery ever again unless removed.

Intruder selfie option takes a selfie of anyone who tries to unlock any app for three times and failed. For added security, you can also hide the pattern draw path so that people around you cannot see while you unlock the app.

Download AppLock

4. Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock is a simple yet powerful App locker for Android. Whether you are having a smartphone from Samsung, OnePlus, or Vivo, this app will work with any of those. It is a lightweight app with a very minimalistic approach. There are no ads in the app and is completely free for that matter.


You can either lock your apps with a master password or if your phone comes with a fingerprint scanner then set a fingerprint password as well. You are not required to add your fingerprints again in order to use it in the app. It will automatically detect the fingerprints added to the device.

Download Smart AppLock

5. App Lock (Smart Mobile Tools)

App Lock from Smart Mobile Tools is a great application to use if your smartphone is missing a native app locker. Similar to any apps in the list, this app lets you easily set a master password and lock all apps of your choice. This is something that every app in the list already have.

App Lock Smart Mobile Tools

But what’s more interesting and unique here is the fact that you can group apps according to your personal preference and set lock accordingly.

For example, you can group all social media apps in under one section and also set an option to unlock all apps under the specific group if a single app is unlocked. This will be very convenient and makes it easy for you to unlock all apps that you might use in a single go

Download App Lock

6. AppLock (KewlApps)

This app locking app helps you to easily lock any app installed on your smartphone. You have a number of options to lock apps including PIN, password, pattern, and fingerprint as well.

app lock app

Like many other apps mentioned in this list, this app also has the option where it captures the selfie of an intruder trying to unlock your device. The image will be captured after three unsuccessful attempts.

Another useful feature in this app is that it has the ability to lock recent apps. So no one can view what’s inside apps that are minimized. You can also specify the amount of time after which the app should lock itself again. This app is already having more than 1 million on the Google Play Store.

Download App Lock

7. FingerSecurity

As the name itself suggests it is an app that is specifically for locking android apps with your fingerprint scanner. At times when fingerprints are not recognized, you could unlock the app by either PIN or password.

fingersecurity android app lock

Intruder selfies will be logged and the app will also hide sensitive pieces of information from the locked apps in the notification area as well. So don’t worry thinking others might be able to read your messages or other personal notifications via Notifications panel.

If you provide administrator privileges to the app, then you can prevent the app from being uninstalled as well. Do note that this is for devices with a fingerprint scanner on the device. If your device is not having a fingerprint scanner then you might want to consider using other apps on the list.

Download FingerSecurity

These apps mentioned above will be really helpful if you are looking forward to locking your personal apps on your device. Almost all apps are free and you could use them without any ads or anything like that.

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