10 Best Antivirus Apps for Android to Protect Your Device – 2020

The smartphone is what we use the most than anything else. Each and every people use Smartphones for different needs. Now, the online world is not at all secure. Every device that is connected or not connected to the Internet is prone to vulnerabilities. We see a lot of news like Passwords was hacked, data has been stolen and files are being automatically deleted from our Device.

These all happen just because your device is not protected by an Antivirus program. If you don’t want anything like this that happened to you and want to save your data from reaching the wrong hands, you should make sure that Antivirus apps for Android are installed in your device.

Best Antivirus for Android

Android is the most used and one of the powerful Mobile OS in the Tech World. Android comes with a wide variety of features and comes with pre-loaded security options. Now remember about Hackers, Thousands of Phones are being hacked every day around the globe and don’t you want to protect yourself from this hacker and other Spyware software? Those malicious files can delete your phone’s files, damage your phone and even they can steal your Passwords. So for protecting our self from this virus and other spyware, we can install Antivirus software. Today in this article I’m going to share with you the most popular and strongest Android Antivirus Apps ever. Have a look at best Music Download Apps

(You can download the Apps listed below from the link given just below of the specific app. Play store links)

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Best FREE Android Antivirus Apps

All the Antivirus for Android Apps mentioned below comes with both free as well as a premium subscription. Meaning that you will be able to use the Antivirus apps for Android and are not required to pay anything. Again, if you want more protections and pro features for your device then you might consider purchasing the premium version. All the apps mentioned below will have a Free version, so you can try before purchasing it.

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security

bitdefender antivirus for android

Bitdefender is one of the most used Antivirus software among PC/Laptop users. Bitdefender has many versions, which include both Premium and FREE versions. Most of the users are going to use the FREE Version.

FREE Version offers many tools like anti-virus scanner, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing and many more which will help you to scan your device completely.

 Bitdefender for Android

Features at a glance:

✔ Malware Scanner – 100% detection rate
✔ New: VPN – hide your IP & unlock geo-restricted content
✔ Account Privacy – verify whether your email account has been breached or not
✔ App Lock – Lock your sensitive apps with a PIN code
✔ Web Security – real-time protection for the most popular browsers
✔ Anti-Theft – lock, track, and wipe your phone
✔ WearON – extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to your smartwatch

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2. Avast! Mobile Security

Avast Antivirus for Android

Avast Antivirus is well known in the security world. You may be already familiar with the PC Version of Avast. Avast antivirus for Computers itself works really good and it’s time to check how it works on your Android Smartphone.

Avast antivirus comes with many new and improved tools like  Virus scanner, virus remover, network meter, app manager and firewall to keep your Device away from malicious apps.

Avast for Android

Features at a glance:

✔ Antivirus Engine
✔ App Lock
✔ Call Blocker
✔ Anti-Theft
✔ Photo Vault
✔ VPN (Virtual private network)
✔ Power Save
✔ Privacy Permissions
✔ Firewall (for rooted Android only)
✔ RAM Boost
✔ Junk Cleaner
✔ Web Shield
✔ WiFi Security
✔ WiFi Speed Test

3. AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG is one of the oldest and prominent computer security software developers.AVG also has Android App security which comes with a Premium version and FREE version. Anyway, the Premium version is good than the Free version as it has many features that FREE Version not.

AVG Antivirus is developed by AVG Company which also has Computer Antivirus and scanners. Security Scanner and Secure App Search are the highlighted tools of the app.

AVG Antivirus for Android

Features at a Glance

✔ Scan apps, games, settings, and files in real-time
✔ Boost speed by killing tasks that slow down your device
✔ Extend battery life with Power Save
✔ Clean unnecessary files to free up space
✔ Lock sensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint
✔ Enable locating your lost phone via Google Maps™
✔ Hide private photos in an encrypted Vault
✔ Scan Wi-Fi networks for threats
✔ Check Wi-Fi download and upload speed
✔ Get insight into the permission level of installed apps

4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

kaspersky antivirus android

Like Avast and AVG, Kaspersky also has a Computer version of the software to protect your Computers from Hackers and viruses. Free and Paid versions are the two variants in which Kaspersky comes out of the box.

Anti-malware Protection, Web Protection, Anti-Theft Protection, Privacy Protection, Call & Text Filter are some security tools Kaspersky has. It is one of the best used and most rated antiviruses in Google Play.

Kaspersky for Android

Features at a Glance:

Background check — scans for viruses, spyware, and Trojans
Antivirus protection — acts as a virus cleaner & automatically blocks malware from phones & tablets
App Lock — lets you add a secret code to access your private messages, photos and more
Find my phone — tracks & finds your Android phone or tablet if it’s lost or stolen
Anti-Theft — protects vulnerable personal information from prying eyes
Anti-Phishing — keeps your financial information secure while shopping & banking online
Call blocker — blacklists unwanted phone calls and text/spam messages
Web filter — filters out dangerous links & sites while surfing the Web

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5. Norton Security

Norton for android

Norton Security & Antivirus is the all-in-one mobile security and virus protection app for your smartphone or tablet. Download the latest version of Norton’s best antivirus and malware solution for Android devices.

Working and features of this application are quite similar to the other one mentioned in the article. You can have a look at the features at the bullet list given below. Norton Antivirus for Android comes with both Paid as well as Free packages.

Norton for Android

Features at a Glance:

• Android Antivirus: Scan and remove apps that have malware, spyware, or an Android virus that can harm or slow your device. Powered by Norton Mobile Insight.
• SMS to remotely lock your lost or stolen phone
• Remotely lock your device to prevent data theft
• Choose to automatically lock your device after 10 failed unlock attempts
• Find your lost device on a map with remote locate
• Can instantly lock your phone if the SIM card is removed
• Trigger a “scream” alarm to find your missing device
• Automatically saves your device’s location when the battery is low
• Sync contacts and restore or share them across your devices
• Control protection for all your mobile devices through one website
• Safe Search lets you see a website’s safety and shopping rating for all of your search results
• Avoid malware infected sites on your search results

6. Trust Go Antivirus & Mobile Security


TrustGo is a free professional antivirus application. It features the most powerful virus scan engine, allowing you to quickly find malicious apps carrying viruses or stealing private data on your mobile devices. TrustGo can also fully protect your device from system vulnerabilities and privacy risks. It is also specially designed with extras like Data Backup, to back up your local data in just one second, App Manager, to easily uninstall apps you don’t use often, and Privacy Advisor, to help you fully understand privacy permission usage on your device.

Trustgo for Android

Features at a Glance:

  • No Image mode–save mobile data and reduce page load
  • AppLock
  • App Scan
  • Full Scan
  • Payment protection
  • Data Backup
  • Privacy Advisor
  • App Manager
  • Find Phone | Anti-Theft
  • System Manager

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7. McAfee Antivirus for Android

mcafee android security

McAfee is a popular Antivirus software maker for Android as well as Windows and other operating systems. McAfee also comes with powerful features that you will need to keep your device safe from all threats including trojan, malware, and adware. It can even help you to stay safe from unsecured phishing links that might steal your credit card details, net banking login info or any other passwords in general.

One feature that I liked a lot is the ability to find your device if it is lost. You can track your device’s location by logging into your McAfee account. Furthermore, it can even capture the picture of the thief and even let you wipe or factory reset the device remotely.

McAfee Security for Android

8. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

sophos android antivirus

Sophos Intercept X is a mobile security and anti-virus app that has some amazing features like Link Checker, Real-time malware protection and help you from protecting your device from malware and adware. Even if your device is already affected by adware or malware, it can help you to get rid of it in a few clicks. It has even won the AV test award in 2015. Web Filtering, Malware protection, Privacy Advisor, etc are some highlighted features of Sophos Intercept X for Android smartphone, The app comes with no advertisements and is 100% free and safe.

Sophos Intercept X

9. Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

trend micro securtiy

Trend Micro is not just and antivirus app that will let you identify and remove malware from your device but also comes with a lot and lots of features that everyone will need for sure. One of the best features that I liked the most is the Web Guard protection which will protect you from all the types of adware or malware attack, phishing, and other dangerous websites trying to streal details of you. App Lock, Privacy Scanner, WiFi Checker, Web Guard, Secret snap, etc are some other features of this app that truly needs attention.

Trend Micro Antivirus

10. Avira Antivirus

avira android anti virus

Avira is yet another popular Antivurs company dealing with products for smartphones, laptops, and computers. Avira is just more than a regular antivirus. Yes, it can remove viruses, trojans, malware and every sort of adware from your device easily. But apart from all that it has some amazing features like Privacy Advisor, Identity protection, VPN and superfast virus scanner with support for external storage device scanning support. Avira also comes with a VPN that secures your data while surfing the web and that also is a good addition.

Avira for Android


These are some of the best Antivirus App for Android. here are a few features that every Antivirus for Android apps should have. It is a must that we should always have an Antivirus or Antimalware app installed on our device if you are that much concerned about your privacy and phone data. It’s just a matter of installation and the rest of everything will be monitored by the app in the background. If antivirus found something suspicious then it will immediately report it to you and suggest some actions based on the intensity of error or virus it found. So, in short, in a way or the other Antivirus for Android is something that your phone should always have installed in it.

Anti Theft: This feature helps you a lot when your phone is lost

Application Audit: This feature will inform you when an app is trying to install without your permission.

Web Security: This feature protects you while surfing through the web.

You can download any one of your choices from the list. All come with both FREE and as well as Paid packages. Try and choose the best.

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