5 Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows [FREE]

Garageband is a mac exclusive software that lets you create some amazing music and special sound effects within your Mac Computer or even on your iPad. Garageband is such a capable software with best features on board. But what that is not interesting is the fact that it is not available for Windows. So, that’s why I compiled this list of Best Garageband alternatives for Windows that gets the job done.

It’s hard to find software like Garageband for Windows with all features that are available in the mac version. In fact, Garageband software is developed by Apple and is available on the App Store for Mac devices and iPad.

best garageband alternatives for windows

With Garageband, you could easily create some stunning music yourself without the help of anyone. Professional Music Makers and newbies use Garageband to kick start their Music production works. You have multiple options to create music with Garageband. The first one is by connecting your Guitar or Piano and then composing or else you can go with the second option for which you are not required to have any instruments, instead, you can use the built-in software features to create music and sound effects of your choice.

Best Garageband Alternative for Windows

Garageband is a premium level software with tons of features that are really hard to find in free software. We have managed to find some free software as well as paid software with exact features as the one in Garageband. If you are very much into music production or looking for Garageband Alternatives for PC for professional works then I will suggest you to purchase a paid software to make your production easy and good. You can also use Android Emulator software to run Digital Music Production Apps on your PC with ease.

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The list is arranged in no particular order. Make sure that you try all the software before making the final decision. Some software might not have the feature that you are looking for while others might have that. So, only after trying everything make your final choice.


cubase garageband alternative

CUBASE is a professional music production software like Garageband with tons of features that you will need for your next project. It’s an award-winning software used by thousands of people all around the globe. If you are a simple home user then I won’t recommend CUBASE, but if you are someone who serious about Music or want an application for professional works then CUBASE is a must for you.

CUBASE comes with 32-bit floating point Steinberg Audio Engine with up to 192 Khz and 5.1 surrounding and full automatic delay compensation. You can connect various music instruments to the device and record it in your own style. It supports up 256 physical inputs and outputs, which is really great. Integrated Channel strip, VCA Faders, Loudness Meters,, etc are some other important features of CUBASE Professional.

CUBASE Music Production software is available in three different variants. The first one is the Artist version, second is Elements and the third is the Professional version which is also the most expensive edition of CUBASE.

You can get the full version of the software from Amazon or from their official website, Click the link below to get more info on the same.


LMMS – FREE & Open Source

lmms garageband alternative for pc

If you are someone who can’t spend on music production software then LMMS is the perfect option for you. It’s a 100% Free and Open Source software that supports multiple instruments and comes with lots of built-in samples. If you are using your smartphone to make recording then you can easily import those files to LMMS for further editing. LMMS is lead forward by a group of volunteers who are passionate about music production.

With the Visual Mapping tool can create Drum sequencing, etc. The only problem with LMMS is that Live recording is not possible as of now. Maybe in the future updates, they might introduce a live recording feature which happens to be one of the much-awaited features in the software.

LMMS is a cross-platform software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you are someone who uses any of these two platforms simultaneously then this software will definitely come in handy for you.


Music Maker JAM

music maker jam garageband alternative for pc

Music Maker JAM is more of an app like Music Production software that can be downloaded from the Windows Store and install it. It’s not for professional-level users who needs advanced control over things. But for casual users, to play around with musical stuff this would be more than enough. Before starting a project you can select the theme, genre and then start composing as per your choice.

You can record vocal tracks and then add loops to it to make it perfect. Music Maker JAM is also a multi-platform music maker app that is also available for Android and iOS.  Even if you don’t have PC, the app will work on its own without any need for a PC or Laptop.

You can download Music Maker JAM for Windows from the Windows Store for FREE. This can be considered as a Garageband Alternative for Windows for causal users for mixing and tunning music.

Music Maker JAM

Mixcraft 8 Home

mixcraft audio mixing garageband alternative

If you are looking for that loops library that is available in Garageband then you should consider using Mixcraft. In Garageband, you have this cool option where you can go to the Loops library and create a basic center stone for your music by simply dragging and dropping different loops from different instruments one over the other. The same can be done with the help of Mixcraft 8 Home. You will get instant access to a library of amazing loops and that you can use right away to compose a cool tone.

Mixcraft also supports Live Recording that is missing in LMMS, so you can add loops and at the same time record live vocals and edit it together and see how it sound in real-time. Mixcraft has both free as well as a paid option. With the free version, you only get access to just 16 tracks and less number of samples and instrument tones. If you are just getting started then this will be more than enough. After you have acquired enough knowledge on the same, you can purchase their premium version with full access to everything in at around $40.


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stagelight software like garageband

Stagelight is yet another cross-platform Garageband alternative that is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. Like Music Maker JAM, it is also somewhat similar to an App for digital music production. This software is also available for Windows as a standalone package that you can download and install for free. The software is free and comes with optional upgrades to level up your game on music production.

The free version without any upgrades will be more than enough for people who are just getting started. You get lot of features like addition of loops, realtime syncing with audio to see how it looks and it is even used for live performance on stages for mixing and tunning audio and music together.

You can get the software for your Windows 10, 8 or 7 based PC or Laptop. It’s one of the best Free Software like Garageband with all features you will need as a starter.


Final Words

These are our top picks for Free Garageband Alternatives for Windows. It’s really sad that Garageband is not available for Windows. It’s like Final Cut Pro which is exclusive for Apple computers only. If you really want Garageband itself then you should look for options like installing Virtual Box and then installing macOS on that and accessing Garageband via Virtual Box. Or the second option to convert your PC into a Hackintosh by installing macOS on your Windows PC and install Garageband from their App Store officially.

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