5 Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Gone are the days in which people use only plain texts to chat or send messages. Now people started using GIF and Emojis more than ever while using various social media apps and messenger services. Some apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc comes with support for GIF files natively, but not all apps have this feature. In this case, we are required to use third-party apps. The best thing to do is to use a keyboard with GIF Support.

best gif keyboard for android

In this article, you will find the list of best GIF keyboard apps for Android. With these apps, you can instantly search and find any GIF and use it in realtime. Whether it be any social media, messaging apps, or even websites, you could send GIFs with these apps. So read the article and find the GIF Keyboard app for Android that works best for you.

Best GIF Keyboard for Android

If you are looking to add GIF support to your keyboard then below given are GIF Keyboard apps that you want to try.

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1. GBoard

gboard gif keyboard

GBoard or Google Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for Android with support for GIF files. In a recent update, GBoard got GIF support and works flawlessly. The majority of Android devices come with GBoard installed in it by default.

Several features make GBoard to be included on the top of the list. GBoard supports gesture, glide typing, and comes with a powerful AI prediction to make your typing experience faster.

To get the GIF option, all you have to do is just tap on the “G” logo icon from the top of the keyboard and it will bring the GIF option. It will show some GIFs in this section, you can use the search option to find the GIF file you are looking for.

What’s more interesting is the fact that GBoard even allows you to create your own GIF files with your avatar. You could use an option called “Minis” to create your own GIFs.

Download GBoard

2. SwiftKey Keyboard

swiftkey keyboard gif

SwiftKey Keyboard is yet another keyboard app for Android with support for GIF, Emojis, and various other features. It comes with a powerful auto-correction feature and text prediction as you go on typing. SwiftKey  Keyboard has a vast collection of GIFs.

All the GIF files you will find in the SwiftKey Keyboard is from the world’s largest GIF repository, GIPHY.  So, be rest assured that you will find almost any GIF for your search.

To use GIFs, tap on the emoji button on the keyboard, and then select the GIF option. It will open the GIF library of SwiftKeyboard. You can search for yours and use it as well.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard

3. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

gif keyboard for android

GIF Keyboard by Tenor is a dedicated GIF keyboard for Android. It does not have an alphabet or numeric keypads. This particular keyboard is a little different and works alongside the keyboard app that is already installed in your Android smartphone.

As it is a dedicated GIF keyboard, you will find tons of GIFs for any situation. You could easily access pretty much any GIF files from the huge library of GIFs. You can download it from the Google Play Store and start using it with your current Keyboard App. If you are a GBoard user already, then you can install this GIF Keyboard and use both.

Download GIF Keyboard by Tenor

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4. Fleksy Keyboard

fleksy gif keyboard android

With over 5 million users, Fleksy Keyboard is a feature-rich keyboard app for Android. I will strongly suggest anyone go with Fleksy keyboard if you want a feature-rich keyboard app with various other features other than just GIF support.

Fleksy Keyboard has GIF support and you could find a good number of GIF files in the library. Apart from that, Fleksy Keyboard is known for the instant text recommendation feature that is used by millions of people.

The app also comes with enhanced privacy options and also supports gestures for making your typing for faster and efficient.

Fleksynext assistant, Private keyboard, Mini-apps in your keyboard. Fleksy gestures, Emoji keyboard, etc are few other options that make Fleksy a great option for anyone.

Download Fleksy Keyboard

5. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

facemoji gif keyboard free

As the name suggests it has got thousands of Emojis that can be used easily. But, don’t think that the app is all about Emojis. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is a powerful GIF Keyboard where you could find tons of quality GIF files to use. Soon after switching to the GIF Panel, it will show you some popular and trending GIFs. But you could also search for GIF you are looking for by typing it in the search bar.

It is a standalone keyboard that is fully feature packed with support for thousands of Emojis and GIFs. One can download this GIF Keyboard application from the Google Play Store and start using it.

Download Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

If you are about to download a GIF Keybaord to use in WhatsApp or Instagram then I won’t suggest you download an external App as these apps already have support for GIFs. You could find tons of good quality GIFs that match every situation. Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp have built-in GIF system that is powerful and has a good collection of it. You can access them by tapping the GIF icon or switching to the GIF tab in WhatsApp.

Final Words

This is our list of Best GIF Keyboard for Android. You could try and find the best one that you feel is good. Almost all keyboards have support for a good number of Emojis as well. Do let us know if you found any better GIF Keybaord that should be included in this article, also feel free to comment download below if you have doubt

All the apps mentioned above are available in Play Store and you could click on the link to download and install the same.

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