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Best Mental Health Apps of 2020

Mental health is a big topic right now, and while you can make  some changes such as enabling blue light filters to protect your eyes and help you fall asleep so you can feel better, you might wonder if there are better mental health apps out there.

Guess what? There is, and we’ll go over a few of the best mental health apps of 2020 that can change your life, and make you feel even better too.

mental health apps


Do you need some time to relax? Well, Calm has you covered. This is a mental health app with the idea to relax the body through guided meditations. Meditation is wonderful for everything from stress to even improving your habits, and there are some great ones that you can use to sleep too. Meditation is one of the solutions many mental health professionals recommend, and this has a group of them right there, easy to access and ready for you.


This is another great one for helping you manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

This comes with a tracking tool that you can use to help you understand your mental well-being every single day. You can get a bi-weekly summary that you can share with a counselor or other professional. You can use this to journal too, helping you look at your mood states. This is a wonderful app for helping you learn your triggers, so you can get ahold of them and handle them effectively.

It also includes mindfulness, CBT, and other exercises to help with stress management and helping you improve your mental health. Best of all, it’s free too, with only some in-app purchases if you want them.

Simple DBT Diary

DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy, is very popular for treating mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders, and even personality disorders. This app helps with keeping people on the right track by teaching them skills to keep their emotions in balance, and also helps with controlling the reactions to stimuli.

This comes with a handy calendar which includes reminders, examples of skills to help you, and also an all-in-one calendar.  you can also set up reminders, and you can also track your progress too. You can even email various files to your counselors, so if you want to track data, this is a great one to try out.


Youper is another great one.  it’s a great mental health app that’s also an emotional health tracker and assistant. You can look at your emotional health, and of course you can improve mindfulness too.

It comes with a journal to use, a tracker for moods, insights to mental health, reports to share, conversations that will help you, and even personality tests. It uses AI that’s made by scientists, and it also includes therapeutic techniques that use ACT, CBT, meditation, and mindfulness when you use the talks. It’s actually free too, so if you need a mental health app on the go, this is one of the best, since it’s right there, waiting to help you with your feelings and issues.


Finally, we’ve got LetGOH which is one that focuses on various issues that fits into the recovery model for the 12 steps.  this also has some inventory tools you can use, various aids, and meditations that can help you quit those addictions. It’s good for those looking to fight off their addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, and even gambling addictions, and it can be used for the 10th and 11th steps too, and it also includes meditations and progress too. Again, it’s free.

There are lots of apps, but if you’re not sure where to begin exactly, you can go to  
Mind Diagnostics, and of course, get the help that you need. You can talk to someone and get assistance, and you can from there, try out these apps to improve your mental health, and help you focus too.