5 Best OCR Software of all Time – Free and Paid

Gone are the days where we used to keep hard and physical copies of documents, nowadays everything is digital – everything from music, photos to images are digitally stored in computers then why not text documents. OCR Software helps us in converting hard copies of text into digital documents that could be easily shared or stored.

In simple terms, OCR Software is a simple program that helps us to extract text content from an image or PDF easily. Depending on the software you use, you can directly copy texts from images in PNG, JPG, etc format or PDF Files.

best ocr software

Below, you will find the list of best OCR software that you can use right away to scan and extract texts from images or PDF files easily. Free OCR Software is also included in the list below.

Best OCR Software to use in 2020

1. Tesseract

Tesseract ocr web tool

The first one on our list is Tesseract and there are a couple of reasons why I included Tesseract at the top of the list. This is by far the oldest OCR software tech on this list. The software has gone through tons of revisions to reach the level where it is now. Deep Learning tech used by the OCR engine helps you to directly extract texts from multiple images formats and document files like PDF.

Tesseract’s API is very popular and is being used by tons of online services to make it easier to scan files to extract text content. The original Tesseract software does not come with GUI, you will have to use command-line based inputs to get it working. Not everyone could use the original Tesseract like any other software. With this in mind, a handful of developers have created a GUI version of Tesseract for a variety of operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, and even the Web.

The web-based one is what I prefer to use since it does not involve the downloading of software and then installing it. To use the web version of Tesseract, all you have to do is just click the web version link below and you are all good to go. Just upload the image and extract texts easily with Tesseract OCR Software.

One more thing is that Tesseract is 100 percentage free, yet another reason to include the same on top.

Tesseract – Web version

2. ABBYY FineReader

abbyy ocr finereader

ABBY FineReader is the most feature-rich and easy to use OCR software with an excellent user interface. Unlike Tesseract, ABBY FineReader is a fully-fledged software that you need to install on your computer to get it running. I was literarily blown away by the number of features and options that were available on the software. Once you get used to FineReader, you will never turn back. The software is way more than a simple OCR software, it has got some amazing features that will make your office or personal workflow even easier.

The software supports multiple languages like Chinese, Korean, etc. It uses deep AI to better recognize things and provide you with text output. The user interface of the software is something that I liked a lot. It is straight forward and looks pretty similar to any other PDF processing software.

Just import the image from which you want to extract text and wait until the processing is done. Once done, you will be able to directly copy text from the image itself and paste it anywhere,. The software also lets us create text documents like .txt file with the copied textual content. The best part is that you can even save the final file in EPUB or PDF format as well.

ABBYY FineReader is a paid software and comes with 30 days free trial. It costs $199 afterward. Download for Windows and macOS.

ABBYY FineReader – Download

3. Readiris

readiris ocr software

Readiris comes really handy if you want to easily scan images and extract texts. One thing I liked a lot is its integration with many popular online cloud storage services like Google Drive, DropBox, etc. It helps you to directly upload the processed final document to any of these supports cloud platforms.

Once you install and open Readiris, you will be able to easily convert files into digital format. You can directly import images, PDFs, or even directly from the scanner source itself and then extract it as well.

A number of image formats including PNG, JPG, TIFF, BIMP, etc are supported and PDF files too. Once everything is done, you can save the output file in formats like PDF, TXT, CSV, DOCX, etc.

Readiris is a paid software available for both Windows and macOS that comes with 10 days free trial – $49.10

Readiris – Download

4.OmniPage Ultimate

omnipage ultimate

With support for over 120 languages, OmniPage Ultimate by Kofax is a powerful OCR software for Windows only. The software is kind of targeted to corporate and big companies for that matter as there is support for large bulk processing, automation, etc. The software supports a number of image file formats and document file formats as well.

Once the processing is done, you could directly search for text, edit, modify, and save them in a few clicks. OmniPage Ultimate by Kofax is definitely going to a great tool for your business if it heavily revolves around extracting texts from documents using OCR Software.

As of now, it is only avilable for Windows.

OmniPage Ultimate – Download

5. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

adobe acrobat dc pro

When it comes to word processing and text documents, I am pretty sure you might have heard about Adobe at least once. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a powerful document processing software that comes with OCR software integration for you to easily convert PDF files into editable text files.

The main problem that I felt while using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software is that you can only import PDF files, so if you want to convert things from an image then first of all you to convert the image into PDF file and then use that PDF file to extract text. But there are tons of really good features that will help you for sure.

Even the PDF document file format itself is standardized by Adobe itself. This software is also very closely integrated with Adobe Cloud making it easier for users to access the document from anywhere on any device.

The paid version of Acrobat Pro DC starts at $12.99/month and also comes with 7 days free trial as well.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – Download

These are some best OCR Software that you could use to extract text from images of PDF files. If you use this kind of software on a regular basis then I would suggest you go with ABBYY FineReader or if you are someone who occasionally uses these kinds of things, then use the web version of Tesseract.

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