10 Best Budget Power Banks For Smartphones in 2020

Power Banks have become must-have gadgets those days. Everyone use Smartphones for various needs. Yes, Almost all new Smartphones in the industry have a good Battery Capacity. 3000 – 4500mAh capacity is quite common now. Anyway, this battery alone can’t fulfill our all needs with smartphones. As mentioned earlier, We use Smartphones to get all our works to get done. We do games, Watch Videos, Chatting, Downloading, Streaming, etc all with smartphones. And, Naturally, the Battery charge also gets drained.

This is the situation where we need a Power Bank to solve this issue. Suppose you are traveling to somewhere, you definitely should have a Power Bank with you, or else your Mobile Device is definitely gonna die without enough Charge. There are tons of Power Banks in India for smartphones and other devices. But finding a worth device is a pretty tough task.

Best Power Bank In India

As mentioned earlier, A Power Bank is a must for everyone who has a Smartphone with him/her. So, while buying a Power Bank it should meet some minimum requirements and should be budget-friendly. Today, In this article you will find the Top 10 Power Banks for Mobile available in India which is cost-effective and Budget-friendly. So, without further ado let’s quickly jump into the review of Top 10 Power Banks for Mobile in India.

Best Budget Power Banks for Mobile

Let’s see what are the minimum requirements to be fulfilled while selecting the best budget-oriented Power Bank for your Smartphone. Below, I will list some points to check on every Power Bank that you intend to buy. Below is the simple buyer’s guide.

Power Guide for Power Bank Buyers:

  • The capacity of Power Banks – Only buys Power Banks that will fulfill your needs.  All people have different needs with Power Banks. Some wanted to Charge their Smartphones only, Others wanted to charge their smartphones and tablets, and Some others wanted to charge their smartphones, Tablet devices, Smartwatch, etc. So, always look for Power Banks that actually fits your need. If you only want to charge your Smartphone, then a 1000mAh Power Bank will be enough for you. Or if you have some other devices, then you should probably look for Power Banks with a capacity above 15000 or so.
  • Price – Always look for Power Banks that are budget-friendly and cost-effective. Only pay for a Power Bank if it does meet all our requirements. Always compare between at least 5 Products before grabbing one.
  • No. of USB Ports – Almost all Power Banks have Nore than 1 USB Ports. You can either buy one with a single USB port or another one with more than 1. It’s completely based on your needs. If you wanted to charge multiple devices at a time, then you should go with a Power Bank that has at least 2 USB ports. I will suggest yo buy Power Banks with at least 2 USB Ports.
  • Weight and Size – We all need a portable and Weightless Power Banks because it is easy to carry while we travel around. When you compare a Power Bank with any other also have an eye on the Weight and Size of that particular Power Bank as well.
  • Output Current – You will definitely need a 2A USB port if you are about to do fast charging. If your Power Bank is having two ports. at least one among them should be of 2A for fast charging.
  • Security – Never buy Power Banks with Heating issue. You can go through the User Review of the respective product and check if there are any issues with the product.

So, these are some important points to keep in mind while buying a Power Bank for your mobile device or for any other device with you.

1. Syska Power Boost 10000 Power Bank – 10000mAh

Syska Power boost Power bank

This is the most affordable Power Bank on this list. This is a great Power Bank which is of 10000mAh capacity. This Power Bank is having 2 USB Output ports and a cool looking design. This is definitely a Budget oriented Power Bank that suits all people.

The function of the Power Bank is pretty simple. Just turn the Power Bank on and you can simultaneously charge 2 devices at a time. Both the USB Ports are of 2.1A which enables us to Fast Charging for both the devices connected to the Power Bank. You can charge your Smartphone for 3-4 times with a single full backup.

Overall the product is good and durable. It’s not a high-quality product but it’s good for the price range it comes in. You can’t expect anything beyond this in the Price Bracket of the device.

Price – Rs. 699/-

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  • Budget Friendly
  • 2 USB Ports
  • 2 USB Ports – 2.1A
  • 10000mAh Capacity
Cons –

  • Build Quality not that Great

2. Lenovo 10400 mAH Power Bank

Lenovo Power Bank

This power bank is one of the top Power Banks in this list with a capacity of 10400mAh. You can charge your Smartphone up to 3 to 4 times using a single full charge.  (Is the capacity of the battery is 2500mAh) This Power Bank comes with 2 USB Port which can be used to charge any of your devices. This means you can charge 2 devices at a time. This has a Lithium-ion Battery, which is really efficient as well.

Both the USB Port output is rated at 2.1A letting us Fast Charging from both the ports. Comparing with other Power Banks, This one seems to be charging must faster. Also, it has protection during Overheating issues.

Price – Rs. 1099/-

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  • Budget Friendly
  • High Quality Build
  • 2 USB Ports
  • 2 USB Ports – 2.1A
  • 10400mAh Capacity
Cons –

  • Nothing Much

3. Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank

Intex Power Bank

This Power Bank from Intex is a great product for the amount you spent. It got a whopping 11000 mAh battery capacity and good design. The build quality is good and comes in two color variants. This one weighs about 300 grams and is lightweight.

Intex is one of the top manufacturers of Power Banks in India. Apart from Power Banks, they do have a wide variety of Products as well. It takes about 9 hours to charge itself. The best part about this Power Bank is that it got 3 USB Ports which means you can charge 3 devices at a time. you have 2A and2.1A  USB output ports for charging your device.

Price – Rs. 1200/-

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  • Budget Friendly
  • High Quality Build
  • 3 USB Ports
  • 2 USB Ports – 2.0A
  • 1 USB Port – 2.1A
  • 11000mAh Capacity
Cons –

  • Heating Issue (Rarly)
  • Takes time to charge itself

4. Mi Power Bank – 20000 mAh

Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh

Yes, you heard it right, This is the Mi Portable Power Bank. When it comes to the capacity all I want to tell is This is the Beast. With a massive 20000 mAh battery capacity, this is a great option to go with if you need hardcore power banks with a lot of Capacity.

Price – Rs. 1899/-

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  • Budget Friendly
  • Large Capacity
  • 3.0
  • Fast Charging
  • 20000Ah Capacity
Cons –

  • Takes time to charge itself

5. Corseca 20000 mAh Power Bank

This is a  budget-oriented Power Bank with capacity 20000 mAh for under Rs. 2000. The battery life is good and on an average, you could charge up to 5 Devices with a full charge. Normal phones can be charged up to 6 times with this single Power Bank.

Price – Rs. 1799/-

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  • Dual USB Power Bank
  • LED Torch
  • 20000 mAH Power bank
  • LI Polymer battery
  • Metal Finish
Cons –

  • Takes time to charge itself

6.  Intex IT-PB15k 15000 mAh Power Bank

intex powerbank

With an average rating of about 4 and 6079 reviews, Intex IT PB15K, a 15000 mAh power bank is the next one in our list. If you are looking for a budget-friendly Power Bank that doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket, then this is something that you should take into consideration. Often times, the stock sells faster and Flipkart shoes the product as Sol Out. That’s how popular the product is. You can click on the Notify Me button to get a notification when the product is back for Sale.

7. Ambrane P-1310 NA 13000 mAh Power Bank

ambrane 13000 mAh powerbank

Ambrane is a popular brand dealing with Batteries and Power Banks and this is 13000 mAh power bank from Ambrane. When comparing it with some other 15000 and even 20000 mAh power banks, the price might be a little expensive but the quality and durability of the product you get is really high. This particular power bank is priced for about 2499 rupees and the price goes even down during offer sales. It is exclusively available from Flipkart and if you are interested go check them out.

8. PNY BE-740

9. Ambrane P-2080

10. Lenovo PA13000

Final Words

So, these are my picks for Best Power Banks under a defined budget. If you stuck with a low budget and want a high-quality Power Bank then this article is just for you. Go through all Power Banks mentioned above and see what looks good for you and right away purchase it. Prices may have some variations, so, please bear that in mind. Share this article with your friends and also be sure to share your thoughts right below in the comment section.

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