Top 5 Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android [No Root Required]

There are situations where you want to Record your Mobile’s Screen for doing any Tutorial video or for other similar purposes.It is very hard to find Best Screen Recorder for Android that does not require any Root Access.All the App mentioned below does not need any Root Access and is Completely Free, But some Apps in the list comes with In-App Purchases.

In this Article. I’m going to share a list of Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Application for Android Devices.The best part about below given Screen Recorders is, those Application does not require any Root Access.So, if you have a unrooted Device, this Apps will definitely work like a charm.

To Download any below-mentioned App, just click on the Google Play button below every App.This will take you to Google Play Store page, where you can Directly Install it to your phone.If you are using PC or Laptop then check 5 Websites To Directly Download APK From Google Play Store on PC/Laptop.So, with that, all being set, Let’s check which are the Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Applications for Android which does not need any Root Access.

Best Android Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder For Android

1. AZ Screen Recorder

No Root Required

AZ Screen Recorder is one that I use to Record Videos on My Android Device for my YouTube channel.This Screen Recorder has the ability to Draw on your Screen while recording it(This feature comes really handy when you want to highlight anything on your screen.).Magic Button is another Interesting feature on this App, This lets you perform various other options while recording the screen, without displaying anything on the Screen.This also has the ability to capture videos through Front Camera while recording the Screen.

2. One Shot Screen Recorder

No Root Required

One Shot Recorder is again a good quality Screen Recorder for Android.This Screen Recorder is Simple and Handy to use.This App makes a screen recording a bit easier task.One Shot Screen Recorder comes with a trial version and a Premium version. In Trial version, there will be Watermark on your videos, and on another side, the Premium version does not have Watermark.In addition to this, in Premium Version, you can add your won Logo to Videos, Remove Ads, etc.

3. ilos Screen Recorder

No Root Required

ilos Screen Recorder is one of the FREE Screen Recorder that works with Lollipop and higher versions of Android.As like One Shot Recorder, ilos Screen Recorder does not have any Watermark, Ad or Time Limit.This also has an option to record Audio while Recording your Screen.This Screen Recorder works really Good without much Options and Settings.

4. Unlimited Screen Recorder

No Root Required

Unlimited Screen Recorder is another interesting Recorder which completely Free.There are no such dirty Watermarks, Ads, Overlays or anything in this FREE App.This is a one-stop video recorder that has the ability to record Video and Audio at the same time.There are much more settings other than this, which makes Screen Recording more easier and simple.

5. Telecine

No Root Required

Telecine is another interesting Screen Recorder with Great features.This App works as an overlay on your Screen, which makes it easier to record and captures your Screen.There are no Watermarks, Ads, and other stuff that a Free version has.This is an Open source and Free Screen Recorder application that you can download from Google Play Store.

Final Word

Hope, you guys enjoyed this article about Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android. This list includes both Free as well as Premium apps. You can get even them without paying anything. Install the app from the list that you like the most. Start capturing Videos and share it with the world or upload to YouTube.

Whatever the reason is, we are wanted to record our Screen for some purpose, and these Apps makes it just a piece of cake. Be sure to share this article with your friends and also let me know your thoughts on this list a, too.

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