14 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites in 2020 [Unlimited Downloads]

Recently, A lot of Torrent Sites got banned and was taken down from the Internet. In this article, you will find the Top 14 Most Popular Torrent Sites for 2020. Yes, it’s true that a lot of famous  Torrent sites and Torrent Search Engines got shut down in recent months. But, still, some managed to withstand and some new sites got established. You all know about the famous Torrent Site known as Kickass Torrent, It was shut down a few months back for supporting piracy. Also, the major Torrent Search Engine, Torrentz was also taken down from the Internet. If any Torrent Sites are Blocked in any Country: Unblock Torrent Websites

Everyone says that Torrenting is illegal. But, it’s not. Torrent system is a peer to peer downloading network where a lot of people share different files with the whole Internet around the globe. BUT, Sharing and Use of Pirated contents like Music, Pirated Softwares, Movies, Games, etc are illegal. Doing so can put you in jail. Downloading pirated content from Torrent is illegal. Today on IPEE World, you will find the best torrent sites of 2020.

I mentioned earlier that Torrent is legal, yes, it is. Let’s take an example. You all know about Remix OS. When you visit the official website of Remix OS to download the ISO file, you will notice that in the download section there is a download link from Torrent, too. So, what does that mean? Torrent is no way illegal if you don’t download any Pirated or Copyrighted content. Here, in this article, you will find the Top 14 Torrent Sites that are active in 2020.

Best Torrent Sites

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Let’s with an introduction to Best Torrenting Sites. The Pirate Bay or TBP is one of the most used Best Torrent Sites available on the internet. They are serving various .torrent files for the last 10+ years. We can also call them as the industry leaders in the Torrent Sites list. I, think most of you are aware of the site called yts.ag, yes it is YIFY Torrents, the site specialized in delivering High-Quality HD Movies as torrent files. RARBG, Kickass Torrents hold the next positions in the Best Torrenting Sites.

14 Most Popular Torrent Search Engine Sites of 2020

Here you will find the ultimate list of Torrent Websites that you can use Now. Go through the list and find your favorite Torrent Website. You can use any of the sites mentioned below to download your favorite Movie, music, videos, games and even Ebooks. And again, you can also download various software these free torrent sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

Best Torrent Sites 2017

You all had heard about The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is one of the top and oldest Torrent Sites. It’s been quite a long time that Pirate Bay has come to the World of the Internet. We can even call The Pirate Bay as King Of Torrent System. It started with the original.Org TLD and is continuing with the same till the date. It’s now more than 10 Years and the site is working fully functional.

Site Address is ThePirateBay.Org

Torrent Site Name The Pirate Bay
Alexa Rank 106
Status Active

Visit ThePirateBay


Best Torrent Site for Musics

RARBG founded in 2008 is one of the top Torrent sites. With this site, you can easily download (not recommended) Movies, Games, Videos, etc. This site does have a lot of Pop Up ads which very annoying for every visitor. This site also has famous TV Shows as well. RARBG is listed in the Torrent Seach Engine, too. The official site address is RARBG.to

Site Address is Rarbg.to

Torrent Site Name RARBG
Alexa Rank 260
Status Active


3. YTS

Best Torrent Site for Movies

YTS  is the most visited Torrent site for downloading High-Quality Movies in relatively small size. They only have 720p, 1080p and 3D versions of any Movie you are searching for. Their Servers has almost all English movie we are searching for. YTS is no way affiliated with any Yify or Yify Brand.

Thousands of Visitors visit this site for downloading High-Quality movies. YTS only has Movies nothing beyond that.

Site Address is YTS.AG

Torrent Site Name YTS
Alexa Rank 268
Status Active

Visit YTS

4. ExtraTorrent

Best Torrent Site for books

ExtraTorrent is one famous Torrent Site with a lot of Torrent files in it. Apart from the simple Torrent Site, they do also have an active community with thousands of members actively participating in every question. The forum base is another interesting part of ExtraTorrent. ExtraTorrent has Pirated contents like Movies, Games, Apps, Videos, etc this site is blocked/ banned in many countries. ExtraTorrent is active and has an Alexa ranking of about 293.

Site Address is ExtraTorrent.CC

Torrent Site Name ExtraTorrent
Alexa Rank 293
Status Active

Visit Extratorrent

5. Torrentz2

Best Torrent Search Engine

You all know that Torrentz.eu was banned and closed a few months back. It was constantly breaking all cyber Copyright laws and was taken down from the Internet. Torrentz2.eu is the same cloned version of Torrentz. As per them, they say it is the simple and improved version of Torrentz with active linking from more than 60 portals. It is a Meta Search Engine. Torrentz was the most used Torrent Search Engine in the recent past. Torrentz2 is now active and is banned in certain countries. Users still visit this site to download their favorite pieces of content. This is clearly one of the best torrents search engines.

Site Address is Torrentz2.eu

Torrent Site Name Torrentz2
Alexa Rank 410
Status Active

Visit Torrentz2

6. 1337X

Torrent Websites

1337X was not looking that good when it was launched for the first time. But, recently, It made some tweaks to its User interface and overall theme. Now, this site is one of the top 500 Websites of the globe and serving people for their torrent needs from a long ago. 1337X was having some issues in the past. Now, it’s all done and this site is fully functional.

Site Address is: 1337x.pl

Torrent Site Name 1337X
Alexa Rank 554
Status Active

7. TorrentProject

Best Torrent Site

TorrentProject is a collection of different Torrent Files from more than 10 million Torrent database. This site uses DHT to find content that are relevant to your search. This site is still active and has not bad User Interface. This site is one of the top 1000 websites in the Globe. A torrentproject website has banned some countries including India.

Site Address is: TorrentProject.se

Torrent Site Name TorrentProject
Alexa Rank 921
Status Active

Visit TorrentProject


Best Torrent Site for TV Shows

Are you looking to download any TV Shows? Then, EZTV  is the right option for you. EZTV is a torrent network that is specialized for TV Shows alone. There have been some conflicts about the rights of the Brand in the past. This torrent site made a big makeover in the recent past. This site is not available in some Countries and Search Engines. Now, this site is 100% active.

Site Address is Eztv.ag

Torrent Site Name EZTV
Alexa Rank 1116
Status Active

Visit EZTV

9. TorrentDownloads

Best Torrent Sites

Millions of visitors visit this site every month. Everyone download different torrent from this site for various reasons. This site has been serving millions of visitors every month with quality torrent services. This site is blocked in several countries by different Internet Service Providers.

Site Address is: http://torrentdownloads.me/

Torrent Site Name TorrentDownlods
Alexa Rank 2211
Status Active

Visit TorrentDownloads

10. LimeTorrents

Best Torrent Sites

LimeTorrents is the main last one on our list. Limetorrent again is a good torrent service used by thousands of people. You can download  Movies. GAmes, Softwares, etc. This site is blocked or banned in a lot of countries due to copyright and piracy issues. As like, every site in the list, this site also has a dedicated Search bar for searching for any content you want.

Site Address is: LimeTorrents.cc

Torrent Site Name LimeTorrents
Alexa Rank 1890
Status Active

Visit LimeTorrent

11. TorrentFunk

Best Torrent Sites

TorrentFunk is yet another powerful Torrent Site to download any torrent files including movies, music, software, ebooks and a lot more. More than 3000+ new unique .torrents are added every single day. That means the community is growing day by day on a large scale. Almost all torrents are verified, so you found find yourself in trouble downloading fake ones.

As of writing this article, Torrentfunk is having more than 8,944,193+ Torrents from different sites. Altogether you should give it a try, because of its worth.

Torrent Site Name TorrentFunk
Alexa Rank 22202
Status Active

Visit TorrentFunk

12. Nyaa

nyaa torrent search engine

Nyaa is the ultimate torrent search engine if you are looking for Media content only. It is a huge collection of different TV Shows, Web Series, Movies, Music, Videos, etc that can be downloaded for FREE. They have hundreds of thousands of contents in their database and all of them can be downloaded by Magnet Link or any Torrent Client.

The main reason why a lot of people come after Nyaa is that it has a lot of dubbed and translated contents. Let’s say that you need to download a particular show that is not available in your language, then all you have to do is just try searching in Nyaa, it might have the same show/content in almost all major languages out there.

Torrent Site Name Nyaa
Alexa Rank 529
Status Active

Visit NYAA

13. Torrents.io

torrents.io torrent site

Torrents.io is a mixed torrent site with a good collection of really nice games, movies, tv shows, music, anime, books, etc. You can easily find them all on the website. Everything is neatly organized and they have separate categories for different files and you can navigate easily with the category navigation menu. Overall, a nice Torrent site to download torrent files online.

Torrent Site Name Torrents.io
Alexa Rank 7254
Status Active

Visit Torrents.io

14. Zooqle

best torrent website zooqle

Zooqle is your one-stop entertainments related torrents sites that have tons of quality content to download. Whether you are looking for a movie. TV show or games, Zooqle got you covered. The UI of the site is not that great but it is not that complex and is also easy for us to navigate around and find contents that we are looking for. Visit Zooqle and see if you can find your favorite content over there.

Zooqle site address – https://zooqle.com/

All the torrent sites mentioned above are personally tested by me and it’s working. I have only added sites that are 100% working and are real ones. Whenever you want to download a new Movie, Music, or Ebook, just visit one of the torrent sites mentioned above in the Best Torrent List and enter the name of the file you want. If the torrent is available just download the .torrent file or uses it to Magnet link to get your hands on to the Torrent file as fast as possible.

Also, have a look at the KickAss Torrent Proxy and ExtraTorrent Proxy to unblock and access these websites with ease. Access any torrent sites with mirror links without any restrictions.

Final Words

So, guys, these were our top Torrent Sites for the year. You can use any Torrent site to download your favorite content. All contents will available in the majority of Torrent sites mentioned above. If any torrent site is restricted/blocked or banned in your Country; Check How to Unblock any Torrent Sites.

Share this article with your friends on Facebook or any other Social Media platform and let others also know about this ultimate list of Torrent Sites that are rated in the top 10. Comment down below your favorite Torrent Site in the Comment section below.

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