Best Truecaller Alternatives To Find Unknown Numbers [Android & iOS]

Truecaller is a mobile application that will help us to find unknown numbers info like Name, etc. Recently, Truecaller was caught red-handed for adding people to their payments service without their consent and following which the app was completely banned in Russia. If you don’t want to use TrueCaller anymore then you have some alternate options as well. In this article, you will find some TrueCaller Alternatives that will help you find the name of people who are calling you and other useful information.

If you are someone who is concerned about your online privacy then you will be already aware of the recent privacy problems of TrueCaller. Without any doubt, TrueCaller is a great service, but if you uninstall the app from your phone then you won’t be able to identify unknown numbers or mark them as spam. But don’t worry, we have plenty of apps like Truecaller in the App Store and Play Store which will help us to find unknown numbers without the help of TrueCaller. I will include Truecaller alternatives for both Android and iOS devices.

truecaller alternatives

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Furthermore, TrueCaller also provides us an option to remove our number from their database easily. If you want to get it removed you can go to their removals page and enter your number and verify it. Next time onwards, TrueCaller won’t show your name to others. Well, let’s see other apps that are similar to Truecaller to find private numbers or numbers that are not in your contacts.

TrueCaller Alternatives for Android & iOS

I will be only sharing Apps that are available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, this way you only have access to apps that are fully secure and safe.

If you are looking to search for an unknown number without installing the TrueCaller app that is where TrueCaller Number Search Script comes into play. You can just open the website and search for the number and it will instantly display all the details about that particular number. The best part is that you are not required to download any app for this purpose,


ShowCaller is the first app in our list. It is a simple and lightweight app under 5MB in size. We don’t want to download and install heavy sized apps just for the purpose of knowing unknown numbers. It is better to install lightweight sized apps than high sized apps that don’t make any sense. Showcaller will show you the info about any incoming or outgoing calls that are not included in your contacts list. It also shows you the info as soon as you copy any number from anywhere in your device.

showcaller truecaller alternative

ShowCaller is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Apart from identifying the unknown caller’s name, it can also record your phone calls, smart T9 dialer, Phone number lookup, and offline information. If you are having a device that does not have the ability to record phone calls then ShowCaller can help you with that. It can record phone calls for you and store it on your phone.

Showcaller: Free
Android & iOS


With more than 70 million+ downloads globally, Whosecall is an app that let you find unknown number calls coming to your mobile. It will help you find people who are trying to call you. One thing I liked the most is it’s offline searching feature, even if you are not connected to the Internet, the app can pull up information about the person calling you and is something that is not available in Truecaller. It is available for both Android and iOS, so no issues over there.

whosecalls apps like truecaller

Apart from finding unknown numbers, it can also do some other things for you like block spam calls, block specific numbers, etc. Altogether it can be considered as a good replacement for Truecaller and comes with even more features that are not in Truecaller.

WhoseCall: Free
Android & iOS


Hiya a 100% Free and ad-less app. Almost all the apps either comes with an in-app purchase or show you some ads for them to make revenue. But that’s not the case with Hiya. Hiya is completely ad-less and won’t affect your user experience in any way. If you are someone who is concerned with User Experience then you can start using Hiya as your caller ID app. Hiya functions just like Truecaller but the fact is that it is 100% Free and comes with zero ads. It’s quite hard to find apps without ads these days, but Hiya got you covered.

hiya caller id app

Hiya can help you in blocking unknown spam numbers for you, identify the caller ID, and even automatically block spam messages and calls for you. It will only show you calls and messages that matter for you and everything else will be filtered out.

Hiya: 100% Free
Android & iOS

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Mr Number

Mr Number is a caller ID and Spam blocking app that lets you find an unknown caller’s name and other details. If you get tons of spam calls and messages every single day then Mr Number can be handy for you. It will help you to filter and block spam and fishy SMSs and Calls which will save you time. Even when you are trying to call someone, as soon as you typed the whole number it will instantly show you who you are about to call, which is a nice little feature in the Mr Number app for Android and iOS. And yes, this app is available for both Android as well as iOS.

mr number android app

It comes with a powerful call blocker that blocks pretty much all spammy calls and SMS out of your inbox or caller. If you want to keep your inbox and call log safe from Spammy, Scam or Fraud numbers then Mr Number is what you will need.

Mr Number: Free
Android & iOS


If you want an app that is just more than a regular Caller ID finding app then Call App should be on your list. The primary usage of this app is for, of course, to find unknown numbers and this app is really good at finding it. Apart from that, it can even record phone calls for you. It is capable of recording both incoming as well as outgoing call and it will be a handy feature for people who’s phones does not have the recording option.

call app truecaller alternative

This app is only available for Android and not for iOS. If you are an iOS user then you might want to check other apps on the list.

CallApp: Free


These are some apps like Truecaller that will help us to find an unknown caller’s name, number, etc. Some apps on the list even come with features that are not at all available in TrueCaller. Features like the ability to find an unknown caller’s ID even when you are not connected to the Internet is something great. Almost all the apps mentioned in this app are available for both Android as well as iOS.

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