Best Tumblr Alternatives To Use Right Now

In this article, you will find some quality sites like Tumblr which will be very similar in terms of functionalities and use. If you are looking for a good microblogging site then this is the place.

There are so many Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc but not a lot of people know Tumblr. Tumblr is a microblogging site where you can post small blog content of your choice. Tumblr will let you post Text, Photos, Videos, etc on their platform. You can also follow Tumblr blogs that are of your choice and get the latest updates from them on your Tumblr Feed as well.

best tumblr alternatives

Best Sites like Tumblr – Tumblr Alternatives

Best Sites like Tumblr are:

  • Blogspot
  • WordPress
  • Medium
  • Mastodon
  • Pillowfort

Tumblr was sold to Verizon Media by Yahoo in 2007 and policies have been getting more and more strict ever since. With the ban of NSFW contents and stricter policies, people started looking for Best Tumblr Alternatives to completely replace Tumblr, In this article let’s have a look at them and their special features.

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Blogger – Blogpost

blogspot tumblr alternative

Blogger aka Blogspot is a blogging platform powered by Google. It’s a free and popular website where individuals can register and set up their blogs for free. If you want to express your ideas or show your creativity to the Internet, Blogger can help you with that. By default, you will get a subdomain with extension and you even have the option to add the custom domain of your choice.

Getting started with Blogger is fairly simple and easy. All you need is a Gmail ID and you are all good to go. You can have about 25+ blogs on a single account, which is more than enough. You don’t need any web designing skills to develop a blog of your choice, Everything is easy and the drag and drop layout options, etc makes it so easy



mastadon tumblr like site

Mastodon is an open-source alternative to Tumblr. It has a Twitter-like UI and Tumblr like community platform. It’s a decentralized microblogging platform where you can share your blog post on the Internet.

As adult contents are mostly banned in Tumblr, people started looking for some Tumblr alternatives that have support for Adult contents up to a certain extent and this is where the open-source and community-supported Mastodon comes into play. You can access the service for free and start using it today.


WordPress tumblr alternative

You might be already aware of WordPress. WordPress is yet another site like Tumblr with lots and lots of features. You should not get confused with and self hosted WordPress. Self-hosted WordPress is an entirely different thing where you need to set up your own server, domain name, etc to get it running. But that’s not the case with

Similar to Blogspot, lets you create some amazing blogs. You can use their default themes and get started with it. The UI is simple and you don’t need any technical skill to maintain your blog. You can post blog posts of your choice and your blog comes under subdomain.

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medium microblogging site is not a specific Tumblr Alternative but it is kind of a Tumblr Alternative for mainly text-based contents. If you are a writer or journalist then Medium will perfectly suit your needs. You will find more quality content on Medium when comparing with Tumblr for that matter. The structure of the site might not make it look like a social media site but it is really famous and you can even earn what you do.

MPP or Medium Partner Program will let you make money from what you write and post on your blog, which is something great. If you already have some other blogs then you can easily import all the contents to Tumblr with their built-in importer tool and everything will work as it should. In Medium, your blog is not as a subdomain. You are given a Tumblr page under your username and you can post your contents there.



best site like tumblr

Known as the “New Tumblr”, Pillowfort can be considered as an all in one Tumblr replacement as it allows adult contents. Pillowfort started getting its popularity as soon as Tumblr announced the banning of all NSFW related content and profiles. There are no strict rules imposed on them like Tumblr so you are freer to write about anything you like.

One thing to be noted is that Pillowfort is now on a closed Beta stage and you cannot go to their website and create a new account right away, You need an invite link to sign up for an account as of now, Once the beta program is done they will open registration for everyone and you can create your own account there. As of now, if you want to join then you need to get an invitation for the same.


You can go through all the sites mentioned above and get detailed info on the same. Find one that perfectly suits your needs and you can start using it right away. All the sites given above are 100% free and you are not required to pay anything or subscribe to their monthly plans. All you need is a valid email and create an account and that’s it, your new microblogging platform is ready to use.

Final Words

These are some good alternatives to Tumblr with great options and features. Some of the sites mentioned in this article can even be considered as a perfect replacement for Tumblr from any aspect. As Tumblr is behind every account sharing NSFW contents, they will ban it right away. Your freedom to write and express your idea is being restricted by Tumblr in many ways. If you feel the same then Tumblr Alternatives can be considered you can create an account on any of them for free. Many sites come with features like in Tumblr while others come with even more features and options that are not available on Tumblr.

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