Best uTorrent Settings to Increase Torrent Download Speed

By adjusting and tweaking some settings in uTorrent, anyone could easily increase torrent download speed. With only using these methods mentioned below, I was able to increase my download speed by 25%. This means that I saved approximately, 1/4th of total download time.

uTorrent Settings to increase download speed
Best Settings for uTorrent

Earlier, I had shared some Torrent Trackers that you could use to increase the download speed. These methods could be employed in addition to the trackers and the results are going to be mind-blowing.

If you are not interested in following the long guide then you can try downloading Torrent files with IDM for an extra boosted speed.

How to Increase Torrent Download Speed by Changing Settings?

Torrent is the go-to option for anyone who is looking forward to downloading heavy files. Chances of files getting corrupted or download failing midway are almost not there, so it is always better than any other method. Often times, the download fails after 50 percent in IDM, and users are required to download the file all over again. This is why a lot of people suggest and use uTorrent.

Settings to Change in uTorrent

Here are some easy to follow steps that will result in improved download speed. You are not required to download any other additional programs to get the job done. In short, we are simply changing some settings in our Torrent client and that’s it. Below given are the few fastest utorrent settings to change right now.

1. Set Bandwidth Allocation

Let’s say that you are downloading two or more files simultaneously using uTorrent. Here, sometimes a file might get higher download speeds while others won’t or vise versa. This is where these settings come into play. By enabling these settings, you could prioritize a single download and that particular or selected files will get the maximum download speed.

This setting should be applied on individual downloads. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Right-click on any ongoing download
  • Hover over the option called “Bandwidth Allocation”
  • From here, select “High”, the first option
Set bandwidth allocation to high

This will alot maximum bandwidth for the particular torrent only and boost download speed.

2. Update uTorrent to the Latest Version

It’s for sure that the latest version of any software will have new features and options. This is why everyone recommends everyone to update all software running on our device to the latest version. The same is the case here as well.


Always make sure that you are running on the latest version of uTorrent. You could easily check for it and download the latest version. Once a new update is available, you will be notified via a popup.

Just click on the Yes button and it will start updating uTorrent to the latest version. You are not required to go to their official website and download the newer version and then install it all over again. It’s simple and easy.

3. Use Torrent Trackers

As mentioned earlier, Torrent trackers help us to increase download speed in torrent easily. Click on the link below and you will find the list of some quality torrent trackers. Follow the steps mentioned in the guide to add it to the torrent that you are downloading to boost download speed.

add torrent trackers

Torrent trackers are to be individually added to every file that you are downloading. So it is better that you bookmark the page or store the list of trackers somewhere easily accessible.

Best List of Torrent Trackers

4. Remove Speed Limits

Sometimes we might not be able to get full download speed promised by our Internet service provider. It might be because you might have unknowingly set download speed limiter in uTorrent. Removing the speed limit will help us to increase the download speed. This is a torrent setting that you need disable to increase the speed.

Let’s say that you are having an Internet connection with 50Mbps speed. In this case, the maximum download speed you could get is 6.25 (50/8). If there is a speed limiter set to 1MBps, your maximum download speed will be capped at 1MBps whatsoever. Even if you have 100Mbps speed, it will be of no use.

To remove speed limiter in uTorrent:

  • Right-click on the ongoing download file
  • Select the option ‘Bandwidth Allocation” and then select the option “Set Download Limit”
  • Always make sure that this option is set anything above your download speed. In the above case, it should be set anything above 6.25MBps.
Remove Download Limits

5. Add Windows Firewall Exception

It will be always better to make an exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall. This might not result in any direct speed boost but it is recommended. There are chances that the Firewall might block the torrent client or incoming torrent connections. In this case, it affects speed.

Here is how to add exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall:

  • Open uTorrent and go to Preferences
  • Selection Connection option from the left panel
  • Under the connection tab, enable the option called “Add Windows Firewall exception”

Do not blindly make exception for every other apps in your computer. Only make exceptions to software that you think is legit and trust.

6. Always Select a Healthy Torrent

If you are in search of a file, chances are you will find multiple torrents of the same file. Here you need to make sure that you select the one with the highest number of seeders. Higher the number of the seeder, the higher will be the download speed. Torrent with little or no seeders won’t even download.

select torrent with high seeders

Seeders are people who have the complete file on their system, and leechers are one who downloads the files. Once the leecher downloads the file, they soon become a seeder. Now you might have understood the idea.

These are a few settings that you should change right away to increase the download speed in uTorrent. You might also want to play with some settings tweaks and find those works for you. Additionally, limiting the upload speed could also increase the download speed as the network conjunction will be lowered. Torrent trackers are a must-have and make sure that you use it to boost download speed for sure.

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