How to Enable Blue Light Filter in Windows – Protect your Eyes

All these Blue Light coming from every device including Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Laptop, etc are really really harmful to our eyes. Now, what is the solution? This is where Blue Light Filter comes into play. Basically, Blue Light Filters are simple software or apps that are available for a wide variety of devices which will block the Blue Light from entering your Eye. These Blue lights being emitted from the screen is so bad for our eyes., let’s see how.

Natural Light contains both UV as well as Blue light. We use Sunglasses and UV protection eyeglasses to protect our eye from UV Lights. But, there are also Blue Lights that goes all the way deep into our eyes. These Blue Lights causes severe damages to our Eyes, especially the Retina part. Furthermore, it badly affects our Sleep, too. When you work on a computer screen for quite a long time, you will notice that your eyes feel watery. It’s all bad sign.

Enable Blue Light Filter for Windows

There is the software called Blue Light Filters. These are software which adds a yellow tint to the screen so as to reduce the Blue Color from entering our eyes. We can use these Blue Light Filter Software for Windows including Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or even XP. The latest version of Windows 10 is already having a built-in setting which helps you to enable Blue Light Filter without the help of any software or applications.

Enable Blue Light Filter in Windows

I will be sharing two methods to enable Blue Light Filter for Windows. the first one is applicable to Windows 10 only. We are gonna use a built-in setting that will help us the job done.

If you are not using Windows 10 then don’t worry. I will share some Blue Light Filter software to you, which will help you to completely remove Blue Light from your Computer or Laptop running any version of Windows.

Enable Blue Light Filter in Windows 10

To enable Night Light settings in Windows 10, just follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings
  • Now Open System option and switch to Display tab
  • Under Colour option, you will find an option called “Night Light”
  • Toggle that to ON Position

Enable Night Light In Windows 10

  • Now, to customize it according to your requirements and need, click on the button “Night light settings”
  • From here, you can adjust the Colour Temperature, Schedule night light timings

Adjust Night Light Settings in Windows 10

  • Also, you can set time from which the settings should come into action and when should it be disabled and everything of that sort.

This is how simple it is to enable Blue Light Filter in Windows 10. As we are having the settings to Turn on Night Light in the all latest version build of Windows 10, it’s just a piece of cake to completely remove Blue Light from your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop. If you are using any other version of Windows then it is going to be a little harder as we need to download the third application to do this.

Blue Light Filter For Windows

Here, I will mention a couple of Blur Light Filter Applications that are available for Windows. Don’t worry if you are not running on Windows 10. We got you covered for Windows 8.1/8/7 and XP, too.


f.lux for windows

The very first Software that we are going to talk about is called f.lux. This is an amazing free software available for Windows that will remove the Blue light from the screen and add a Yellow tint to it, so as to protect our eyes from damages caused by these Blue Lights.

f.lux is available not only for Windows but also for Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android. This is a cross-platform app that you will ever need to remove blue light and add yellow tint. f.lux is a simple lightweight applet that works in the background when your computer is running. You can easily adjust the schedule, intensity, exclude certain apps from being affected, etc from the f.lux settings.

f.lux for windows

Let’s say that you are editing a photo or doing some color grading. Now, in this case, if Blue Light Filter is enabled, you don’t know how exactly the color is. In f.lux there is an option where we can exclude certain apps. Let’s say that you excluded Photoshop from the list. then next onwards when you open Photoshop, f.lux will be automatically disabled. In the similar fashion, you can also disable it for Full-Screen mode, meaning that if  you are watching any movie, you can continue watching it in crisp colors itself

You can download the latest version of f.lux for your device from the link below. You can also download it for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, too. And again it is completely FREE.



Iris for Windows

The next Blue Light Filter Software for Windows in the list os Iris. Iris is sort of a premium software that does the same job as what f.lux do. If you don’t want to pay for the premium version then you also go with the free version called Iris Lite with fewer features and options. This software got different modes and different settings to tweak so that you get the experience while using your Computer or Laptop in Nighttime.

If you are using your Computer in Morning, then Iris or f.lux won’t be needed. But, if you are working at night then this something that you should seriously take into consideration.

Download Iris from:

   Iris     Iris Mini


Hope you guys found a working method to remove Blue Light from your Laptop’s or Desktop’s screen and add a Yellow tint to it. Looking into the computer screen for more time can affect your eyes so bad. So, it is always advisable that you should use some sort of Blue Light Filters. Especially, if you are a person who is working in front of Computer in Nights, then you want this option enabled in your computer for sure. If you are using Windows 10 then you are not required to download any third party software. But, if you are using any other version of windows, then you might want to download any apps mentioned above.

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