BSNL WiMAX Most Asked Popular FAQs

WiMAX known as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is being deployed  by BSNL in india for the first time.

WiMAX(Wireless Broadband) is the high speed broadband service with roaming feature.Other than broadband service, WiMAX is the best high speed broadband provided by BSNL.It will allow users to get connected to the world of Internet with a great speed.

BSNL provides three types of Customer Premises Equipments (CPE) like Indoor CPE, Outdoor CPE and USB Dongle which can be selected by user preference and geographical location of your place.

Equipment :

  • Indoor Equipment :- Best suited for Home/Office users and it can be used in moving vehicle also.
  • Dongle Equipment :- Small Dongle can be connected directly to PC / Laptop via USB port.
  • Outdoor Equipment :- Suitable for remote and rural areas which can be used upto 15 Kilometers distance (Line of sight) from BTS site.

               Frequently Asked Questions Regarding BSNL WiMAX

1. What is WiMAX ?
WiMAX acronym meaning “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access”.It is an IP based Wireless Broadband Access Technology utilizing IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard as the air interface.
2. Why To Choose  WiMAX ?
Internet at a thunder bolt speed, Hi end user experience, Faster downloading and Uploading,, Latest wireless technology of the world,Huge skyrocketing speed of upto 7 MB, Wireless no wire required, No telephone required to take a new wimax connection.Web based video conferencing
Overall, Best plans with affordable price

3. Data Transfer Speed available for End Users ?
Average users can expect a data transfer speed of 256KB to 2MB

4. What is Range of BSNL WiMAX ?
15 KM For Rural areas (LOS),  and 4 KM for Urban area.
5.Whats are the Benefits of WiMAX ?
Easy to use : You can move around with your CPE and get internet where ever you go under specific radius. You can use one connection for home and office
Wireless : No wires or Telephone required to subscribe for a new WiMAX connection
Better Speed ;You can do expect good speed than normal broadband connection and surf over the internet in a good speed
Easy Setup : As like normal landline and broadband you don’t want to wait for a long for getting  a WiMAX Connection, The process is simple and handy, Overall fast and quick
6. What will BSNL WiMAX Offers to a normal consumer :
WiMAX will proved high end user experience along with thunder bolt speed.
Especially Good for Online gaming, Downloading and video conferencing
7. Difference Between Wi-Fi and WiMAX ?
WiMAX is the wireless internet techonlgy with good speed. As compared of W-Fi, WiMAX Can give as a good and high end long distance connection.Wi-Fi can be only connected through Hotspots on Hotel,Shopping mall and other places

8. Can i Use WiMAX ?
WiMAX plays good role in giving connection to Home, Small business, Shops, and other industries.Customer who want internet connection on his/her office and house can apply for only one connection.
Customers who live apartment or rental house are also eligible for taking a new WiMAX Connection
9.Do i need telephone to get a WiMAX Connection  ?
No, WiMAX is a wireless technology so no need for applying for new telephone

10. What do i need for start use WiMAX ?
You will need a desktop or laptop with a ethernet card installed and a wireless device ie., CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) which can be purchased or buy for lease from BSNL when taking a new connection
11. What is the cost of WiMAX CPE ?
The cost of WiMAX CPE is around 1500 for Indoor, Outdoor and USB CPE’s
12. Can i buy CPE from market other than from BSNL ?
Now, Those CPE’s are not readily available in market.

13.Is WiMAX Secure ?
Yes, WiMAX Technology is good enough scure than Wi-Fi and All user data is encrypted before routed from the network.
14.Is WiMAX safe ?
Yes Off course, It does not affect human body
15.How can i connect WiMAX To my computer/laptop ?
You have to connect using normal standard ethernat cable.
Above are the most frequently asked WiMAX  doubts regarding new connection and existing one.
Do you have doubts other than mentioned above, Then let me know drop as a comment below and get your answer within 24 Hrs.
New questions will be also listed in this list with your name.

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