Businesses Can Now List Products on Google Shopping for FREE

google shopping now let-users freely list their products

Google will now let business list their products on Google Shopping for free. Earlier, businesses were required to pay a stipulated amount of money to list their products on Google Shopping. Earlier it was kind of like an ad placement where businesses need to pay to appear on the listing.

Google has been working on this for some time but various issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic made them push it a little longer. As per Google, the new free listing options will go live for both small scale and big businesses from the 27th of April in the US. In the first phase, it will be rolled out in the US and later to other countries as well. It will take a couple of months for Google to make it live worldwide.

Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce told The Verge “What we’re seeing is that they are many, many retailers and small businesses that stand ready to server shoppers, but don’t yet have a great way to connect with them digitally,”  He further added, “We think that by doing this, it helps many more shoppers find what they’re looking for, but it also helps bring some quite needed relief to the retail and small business ecosystem.

New businesses can register on Google Merchant Center to freely list their products while existing users could also list their inventories on the same platform.

Option to list the products on Google Shopping platform will be free but to place it on top of the results, businesses might want to pay some amount. It is not at all mandatory.

Google has also partnered with Paypal to let more businesses on their platforms and make online payment simple and easy. Furthermore, Google is also working with companies like Shopify to make sure the businesses using their platform could list the products on Google Shopping.

Source: The Verge

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