Mobile Learning- The 21st Century Classroom

The Mobile phone has emerged to be the fastest growing technology which has enhanced the way of learning. Gone are those days when students used to rely on the lessons taught in the classroom by their teacher. The world today focuses more attention on the m-Learning. As mobile phones are in possession with everyone, which can be used for providing education for every individual.

The various mobile applications have proved its worth in engaging students to learn. This provides learning and fun activities both together to enjoy the teaching technique. Let us have a look at various benefits and how it can substitute the classroom learning-


(i) Visualization as its power tool- Almost all the applications used for education utilizes the power of visualization. An application uses videos, animations and in-air projection techniques in order to have a better perception of any topic. As our eyes can see three-dimensional objects, it would be much more comfortable to study in 3D space and time, which is only possible through the use of the mobile applications rather than textbooks that only provide 2-D learning. Topics like Volume of a sphere that can be easily understood in three-dimension thorough m-Learning.


(ii) Personalized learning- In a class full of students, it can be sometimes really difficult to catch up the session or clear doubts easily. Thus providing a personal learning tool can be helpful for the students to study at their own pace. Students can learn according to their own desire, choosing a suitable time for learning and can  watch the videos more than once, which can be difficult in a classroom programme. This can benefit students to study in an easy manner.


(iii) Interest in learning- As students love fun activities and can do them even in a repeated manner, thus learning can also be made interesting by the insertion of various fun activities. Everyone loves to play games or watch videos or animated movies. This type of learning can drive students more to learn with a keen interest.


(iv) Learning support- Students come up with their doubts during the time of their self-study, but cannot clear their doubts at the very moment of time, due to unavailability of teacher near them. This would result in the lack of interest for studies, as it would be difficult to continue studies without clearing the doubts. But with the availability of mobile phones, each and every doubt can be made easily understandable. This helps to continue the flow and maintain interest in learning.


(v) Distance Learning- It is possible to learn from any place around the world without being physically present there. This has been made possible with the advancement of technology. Previously one used to travel a lot to learn but now it is possible to study from home- Thanks to the internet.


All these benefits of mobile learning have transformed the way of learning by developing an interest in learning amongst students in the best possible ways.

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