BYJU’S The Learning App: Building a New Student-Teacher Relationship

My only regret is not having access to the kind of study material, which kids today have. The love for continuous learning is a great passion to have. Today, when I look back to my school days, I recollect my teachers teaching on a blackboard, where only the first few benches were attentive to the lecture and among those students I was never there. I always used to sleep in last bench, waiting for the period bell to ring and run out of the class like, racing to grab a Redmi Note 4 which is on a flash sale. But today the scene has changed. Blended learning has completely changed the face of education these days.

BYJUS The Learning App

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning can be defined as a personalized learning opportunity with an innovative education model which integrates face to face interaction through online learning with the rich content available on the internet. The rise of the Internet with the use of mobile phone and laptops has made this possible today. Each and every child today has access to the Internet.

The fact today is, kids are so mesmerized with the technology that instead of being a distraction for them, it’s a brilliant idea to use technology to make them study and understand the concept well and therefore implementing the blended learning in the form of smart and interactive apps that has got a massive kick start and will soon be a massive success in the educational industry with lakhs of students being profited by it.

Benefits of Blended Learning

1. Students are self-driven to learning

As this way of studying is like a movie for students they are self-motivated to learn more and more and are self-driven to education. Along with that the core concept like Physics Formulas and theories can be learnt by the student with visualization and the most important thing that they can also see the application of these concepts that they learn in motion or in real life from anywhere and any place of this world, may be from school or from home, which was never possible with the old conventional way.  Adding to this one more reason is that they can refer to the knowledge resources as many times as they wish to.

The immeasurable depth of the Internet ensures that students are exposed to the rich content related to the studies at any moment, and they never starve for any kind of information. This might not be possible with the teacher teaching with a chalk on the blackboard. Teachers are also humans and they might lack at some knowledge to solve all the doubts of the students.

Prior there was a misconception that students completely getting sunken into their personal devices and the teachers just being a passive monitor might have an adverse impact on the process of learning, but when it was experimented the results pointed in a complete opposite direction. The blended learning has instead improved the relationship between students and their teachers.

2. Defines completely new relationship between student and teacher.

As we mentioned above that the relation between student and teacher has been improved by blended learning. But how is it possible when there have been so many misconceptions regarding the adverse effects of this method.

First of all the blended learning has relieved teachers from their instructional and administrative role. Now teachers just need to give some basic information about the online tools and the rest is taken care of by the online tool and the students themself. This change has bought them a lot of time to focus on the critical skill of the students and also play a vital role in polishing the student’s character.

The teachers can now focus their time for high value creative learning experience using monitors, rather than putting their time and effort in giving lectures. Moreover now each student’s unique learning needs can be addressed by the teachers by customizing the instruction.

3. Better learning space, with rich content from all over the world.

As the relation between student and teachers improves, the boring place called school has been converted into a hub of fresh talent and ideas. Now there is no more a race against time to complete the syllabus and no more learning just to score good marks in exams, but a try-to-be the brightest students in 21st century.

As the workload on the teachers have decreased, they find more time to invest on students, allowing them to explain the hard subjects like Math and physics, to the students at a personal scale, and also individually. Blended learning has not just been one way but has also been two ways. This has allowed the teachers to learn from students on how to make teaching more efficient and effective.

Challenges Faced in Implementation

Everything new that has a scope of revolutionize, always has to face the challenges. Challenges are inevitable in the path of awesomeness. The challenges faced are as follows

  • Research required for planning and implementing of this new way of learning is time consuming.
  • Project of such a large scale needs huge collaboration and perfect execution.
  • Out of many, some people might still feel the old conventional way of teaching to be better,  changing their opinion is a challenge
  • It may need extra infrastructure in schools and colleges like classroom layout, teaching techniques and training of teachers to be comfortable to teach using the technology.
  • The apps and the other modes which are used for this method are not that developed and will get efficient and effective for all types of students with time.

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