CenturyLink Speed Test – Check Internet Speed of Centurylink [Easy]

It is really important to check your Internet Speed once in a while to make sure that you are getting the speed claimed by your ISP or Internet Service Provider. Here, in this article, you will find How to Check Internet Speed of Century Link right from your device. Whether you are having a mobile device or a PC, you can check it.

Many Internet Service providers fail to deliver the speed mentioned in their plans. So, it is a mist to check the Internet Speed occasionally to make sure that you are getting the speed for what you are paying. Let’s say that you opted for an Internet connection with 100Mbps speed, But you are only able to get 60 70 Mbps, this is not fair as you are already paying for 100Mbps and you are only getting 60% of the speed told by them. Now, how can we find the speed?

centurylink speed test fast

This is where CenturyLink Speed Test comes into play. They have an official website from where which you can check your Internet Speed. I will be also sharing some alternative sites that you can use to check the Internet Speed without any issue. I always suggest you check the Internet Speed on multiple websites to see the data you get is accurate and also be sure to note the Latency and Ping rate, too.

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There are multiple websites on the Internet that allows us to do the Internet Speed Test. I will discuss a few among them and how to use them.

This is the official Speed Test service by CenturyLink. Yes, you heard it right, CenturyLink Broadband service is having their own Speed Test service website that will return you the accurate Internet Speed Test Results in a jiffy. Before checking the Internet Speed, I would like to mention some tips and tricks that you might want to apply to get accurate results.

Get Accurate Internet Speed Test Results

It is advised that you quite all the application that uses data. Streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, etc and other web browser tabs and pretty much any application that uses the Internet. If you are not sure how to find other applications which are using Internet then follow the quick steps mentioned below to figure our apps consuming the Internet that might interfere with your test result.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then select Task Manager
  • This will open up TaskManager where you can find all the data and resources used by different applications.
  • Now, move to Network tab and see which are the application using Data.
  • Once you find one, then simply right-click on it and then select Exit and that’s it.
  • Do this for all service in the Task Manager and you are all good to go,

Now, we have made things good to go in system level. Next things to make sure is at the Router End.

First of all, make sure that you connect your computer to the Internet via Ethernet Cable as it will be way faster and more efficient than the wireless Wifi network. If you are already connected via WiFi then simply grab an RJ45 Ethernet Cable and connect it via this cable. Disconnect all other devices which are connected to your Network. Devices like smartphone, tablet, smart TVs, home devices, etc should be disconnected to get a maximum accurate result.

Or else, you can turn off the WiFi altogether, so that no device will automatically connect to your Network. If everything is done then now we are good to move further in.

To test your Network speed with CenturyLink Internet Speed Tester, just visit this link and click on the Green GO button and wait for a few seconds. It will calculate the Internet speed/bandwidth for some time and then shows you the average based on the data they collected.

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2. Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla os the best and industry-leading Speedtest service used by over a billion+ users all around the world. The CenturyLink speed test is exclusively dedicated to Centurylink users only, but Speedtest by Ookla is a universal speed test app and can be used by anyone using any network. The user interface and the site itself looks so modern and minimalistic. But the only problem is that the sire comes with a lot of ads that might be annoying to some of you guys.

centurylink speed test

A detailed report by Ookla provides you with all the basic and complex statistics like Download/Upload Speed, Jitter, Ping, Latency, IP, Service used to host the Internet Speed Test, etc.

Speedtest by Ookla can be used pretty much on any device including PC, Mac, Smartphones, and Tablets. If your device comes with a web browser then you can directly go to the Speedtest official website and grab the result from there. or else if you are an Android or iOS user then you can install the Speedtest App from the Play Store and App Store and do a quick speed test.

Speedtest by Ookla

3. Fast.com

Fast by Netflix is a simple and modest Internet Speed Test service that you can use. Like Speedtest, you can use Fast.com to check Internet Speed of pretty much any Internet Broadband and Wireless Cellular connection. There is no big options or settings on this website. As soon as you visit the website, it automatically starts the speedtest and within 20 seconds you will be presented with the speed test result and that’s it you are done. You will find another detailed report button, upon clicking that button, it will display advanced reports for nerds like Jitter, latency, ping, etc.

fast.com result

You can find both Download as well as Upload speed test with this service.

Speed Test by Fast.com

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Final Words

So, these are some working and reliable Speedtest websites that you can use to check your CenturyLink Internet Speed. After doing the speed test, if you find that the speed is less than as per the plan then you can directly call their customer support and raise a ticket for the same problem. After raising the ticket they will solve the issue and you can enjoy your connection’s full speed with minimum ping and latency.

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