How To Change Fonts on Android – No Root [2020]

Every Android Smartphone, right out of the box will be having the Default system font. This Font is good but not that attractive in fact. A majority of Android users still have the same default font. But, what about changing it to another one. If you are surfing the Web, you might have seen some interesting, cool Fonts on some Websites, right? What about getting fonts like that in your Android Device? Here, in this article, you will find How to change fonts on Android without rooting your device.

Yes, you heard it right, The trick mentioned below works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Don’t worry if your device is not rooted. This trick is for all Android Users, No matter whether the device is rooted or not. This trick is part of Android Customization. Changing Fonts can help you in customizing Android to a great extent. You can even use Custom ROMs for customizing Android further. Now, it’s time to change fonts on Android.

Change Fonts on Android

So, now we are all set to install custom fonts on Android. Below, I will be sharing two different methods to change fonts on Android. One is for Non- Rooted device users and the other one is for Rooted Device users. In both the method below, we need an App. You can download it from the Google Play Store. So, Make sure that you have Working Internet Connection before going in.

How To Change Fonts On Android Without Root

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to changes fonts on Android.  There are various methods for this tutorial. I will be sharing the top 3 methods for both Rooted and Non-rooted device. The 1st one in the list is for the non-rooted device and second and third is for rooted devices.

Change Android Font With GO Launcher EX

You all might already know GO Launcher. If not, GO Launcher is one of the most popular Android Launcher Apps. This Launcher has a wide variety of themes and settings to customize your device. GO Launcher is one of the most downloaded launcher apps in the Google Play Store. So far, it has been downloaded by more than 150+ million people. This app lets us change the wallpaper, change transition, Along with these features, this app also let lock any Apps with Pattern or Pincode. GO Launcher EX also lets us change our Android Fonts as well.

Follow the step by step instructions.

Step 1: Go the Google Play Store and Install Go Launcher

   GO Launcher

Step 2: Once you have successfully installed GO Launcher from the Google Play Store, the next step is to Install the GO Launcher Fonts app. You can find this app also in the Play Store. Click the button below to download Go Launcher Fonts. Install both the application on your device.

  GO Launcher Fonts

Step 3: Once Installed, Open the GO Launcher App.

Step 4: Go to the Preferences option and tap on Fonts.

Font Option in Go Launcher

Step 5: On the Fonts section, you will find a whole bunch of new Fonts for your Android Smartphone. You can select any font from the list. If you don’t find any good font in that list and want some other good font, then you can download a good looking font from the Internet and then copy-paste that font to sdcard/GOlauncher Ex/fonts location. (Now the downloaded font will also appear in the list)

Step 6: Tap on the Font you want to change from the list once again

BOOM!! Your Android System font gets changed instantly. This is the easiest trick to change the font on Android which is not rooted.

Font Installer App to Changes Fonts on Android

Fonts can be downloaded and exported in various devices. TTF is one such format of fonts. You can download fonts for your Android phone from a website like Dafont. Before going in make sure that you found and downloaded your favorite font from any website listed below.

Step 1: Download Font Installer App from the link below

   Font Installer App

Step 2: Install and Open the App from the shortcut.

Step 3: Now, go to Server Tab.

Step 4: In this tab, you will see the whole bunch of free TTF fonts that can be installed on our Android Smartphone without any issue. All these TTF fonts can be downloaded.

Step 5: In case you want to preview any of this font, just tap on the font you like and tap on Preview.

Step 6: Finally, to install it on your phone, just tap on the Font you like the most and Tap Install.

Install New Font on Android

Step 7: Now a popup will ask you to back up the current system font, Once the backup process is done, it will ask you to reboot your device.

Within a few seconds, the font gets installed on your Android Device. This is how we install and Change Fonts on Android smartphones and Tablet devices.

If you don’t like any font in the app and want to use a custom font, you can do that, too. Simply follow the instructions below to get started with installing a custom font on your Phone.

Here are some websites to download free fonts.

Best Websites to Download Fonts:

Use TTF Fonts on Android

Assuming that you have already downloaded a font from any of the websites mentioned above or from any other sources. Usually, all font comes in a zip file with the agreement and stuff like that. If you downloaded a .zip file, then extract it and copy the TTF file alone. We only need the TTF File, nothing other in the folder. So, now you have Font Installer App and your favorite font, so, let’s proceed.

Step 1: Copy the downloaded font to /sdcard location

Step 2: Open the Font Installer App and backup your current font.

Step 3: Grant Root Access.

Step 4: Click on the Local tab and look for the font that we copied to the /SDCard location.

Step 5: Once you found the font, simply tap on it.

Step 6: Preview if needed and tap on the Install button.

Step 7: Now, reboot your device,

After your phone turns on, you will be presented with the latest all-new font which you downloaded. That’s all

A lot of UIs like the MIUI has a built-in Theme option app that will help you to change the font globally in our smartphone. but these features is not readily available on all devices. Especially, if your device is running on Stock Android or some other Android versions which do not have this option then things become much more complicated. But, with the steps mentioned above, you can easily change Android Font without or without root in less than 5 minutes.

Final Words

This is how we install fonts on Android devices like tablets and smartphones. It even works on your Android Emulators, too. You can always try experimenting with different fonts, the websites mentioned above has a ton of different good looking fonts. Download any one of them and start using it. Share this article with your friends on any Social Network and let them also know about this cool trick to change fonts on Android.

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