Change Text Selection and Highlighting Color in Blogger Blog

Do you want to change text selection and highlighting  color to match your blog template design and color combination, If yes then it is possible by adding few HTML tags on your template.

Sometimes you will change your blog template but the text selection and highlighting color will stand stood without any change.Now we can change the color of  those selection and highlighting color in blogger blog too.

Adding this code to your blog template will help you to change the selection color and text color on selection.You are free to choose any color and add it to your blog.

Demo : I’m using a custom color in this blog

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How To Do It ?

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

2. Now press CTRL+F to make search box visible

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3. On the search box type ]]></b:skin>  

4. Just above the ]]></b:skin>  tag paste the below given

::-moz-selection  { 
text-shadow: none;
::selection {
text-shadow: none;  

Change To Make :

  • Replace orange colored color code with your color to match your template design

  • Replace all grey colored color code with your color code, to change the color of text when it is selected or highlighted.

(Here i made my selection and highlighting color to orange to match my template color c)

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